Sharing Your Sexual Experiences with Your Partner

Posted on 20 June 2011

Sharing your sexual experiences with your partner can be both exciting and nerve wracking. It can also be important when you get together with a new partner simply for safety reasons as well. If you become exclusive you want to know what their background is before you have sex, especially if you are in to bareback. There is a time and a place to start sharing this information, and a good way to approach it. Here are some helpful tips if you are in this stage or wondering about when to bring it up.


There is no point in bringing up your sexual past on the first date unless you are seeking a swinging partner. Otherwise, this should wait for a while. For a typical couple the issue of the past relationships will come up after a couple of dates, but the sexual stuff can wait until you get more serious. There isn’t a specific time that works for every couple, but be sure you aren’t pushing it. You’ll know when the time is right. Wait until you are already very comfortable with your partner before you start talking about it.

How to Approach It

It’s never a good idea to just blurt out how many people you’ve been with. If you decide the time is right, you can approach the subject gently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t be terribly specific in your questions. For instance, don’t ask about their best sexual experience. Instead, ask questions about their favorite bedroom activities, what turns them on, etc. This will typically open the door for more frank discussion about specific past experiences.

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