Knowing Your Partners Swinging Limits before Swinging

Posted on 04 April 2011

One of the most important aspects of swinging is setting limits. If you don’t have limits set before you start swinging you will risk having a very bad experience. This is compounded when you start swinging with a new partner, as they may have different limits and boundaries than you are used to. Spend some time discussing your past experiences and come up with your own set of rules and limits before you hit the scene with a new partner. Here’s a good jumping board.

Types of Swinging

There are many facets in the world of swinging. Some people prefer soft swinging while others would rather have an open situation. When you start meeting new swingers, or decide with your current partner to become active in the lifestyle, you need to decide what part of the lifestyle attracts you the most. This will help you determine what kind of limits you need to set up. You may be open to people watching you but not participating, or you may be interested in a full swing where both parties are free to do what they want with who they want.

Partners Limits

When it comes to swinging there shouldn’t be much compromise. If your partner only wants to watch others, you won’t be able to break this limit and swing with other couples. Broaching this subject can create jealousy and tension, and will just lead to a bad time. Instead of compromise you should either completely respect your partner’s limits or find another partner to play with. In most cases you will be able to come up with a plan that will work for both of you and allow you to both to have fun without creating issues that can’t be overcome.

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