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Iran – a key region is looking forward to welcoming you

Iran is a key political and economic centre in the region. Together with the adjacent regions, it comprises a total of 300 million consumers. Iran’s economic potential has improved as a result of its growing importance in the entire region, the resumption of official export guarantees for business, increased foreign exchange revenues from oil exports and the latest economic reforms. 
Construction industry
Iran’s construction industry is characterised by the strong demand for housing, infrastructural development and modernisation as well as industrial expansion.
Future projects:
  • Expansion of rail network from current total length of 9,000 km to 25,000 km in the next four years, e.g. rail route Iran – Armenia under construction or being planned
  • Building of 1,000 km of underground rail routes in the major cities, total investment USD 50 billion
  • Expansion and modernisation of airports, notably on the islands Qeshm and Kish
  • Road network: 1,200 km of motorway under construction, 1,300 km in the project phase and a further 3,000 km being planned
  • Housing construction: annual demand for 750,000 new housing units per year
  • Production of 200,000 tons of cement per day with an export share of 25 million tons  
 Mining industry

The Iranian mining sector is rich in metallic and non-metallic mineral reserves.
  • Extraction of iron ore and non-ferrous ore, precious metals, etc. from 5,574 exploited mines with an export share of USD 8.1 billion
  • Largest zinc reserves worldwide and second-largest copper reserves
  • Iran is one of the most important mineral producers in the world.
  • The most important mines include ones with reserves of coal, metallic minerals, sand and gravel, chemical minerals and salt.  
Natural stone industry

Iran has a long tradition of stone-working, and this is very much in evidence at the country’s fascinating sites of unique beauty.
  • Iran’s natural stone reserves are among the largest in the world
  • Currently a total of 9 million tons is being extracted annually from more than 500 quarries and processed by around 5,000 processing (stone-working) plants
  • Every year around 100 stone factories invest USD 200 million in expansion and modernisation

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