PM Medvedev Says Russian Meteorite KEF-2013 Shows "Entire Planet" Vulnerable

By Peter Fowler at 15 Feb 04:22

(Newsroom America) -- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed a large meteor has impacted in Russia, saying it proves the "entire planet" is vulnerable to meteors and a system is needed to protect the planet from similar events in the future.

A meteor shower has hit the Chelyabinsk Region of Russia in the Ural Mountains, with hundreds reported injured by flying glass near the impact site following a large sonic boom.

Speaking at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Mr Medvedev called the fallen meteorite in Chelyabinsk "KEF-2013," according to a translation obtained by Newsroom America.

He said the incident was proof that not only was Russia vulnerable to meteors, but "the entire planet".

The Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin,said Russia and other countries should develop a system to protect the planet from similar events in the future.

"I have already spoken of the need for some international initiatives relating to ... preventing a dangerous approach to Earth by objects of extraterrestrial origin," he said.

Mr Rogozin said neither Russia nor the United States have sufficient technology to shoot down objects of this kind.

Meanwhile U.S. Astronomer Phil Plait said he believed the meteor is not related to asteroid 2012 DA14 which is due to make a close fly-by past earth in the next few hours.

"Wrong direction, way too early," he wrote on Twitter.


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