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Introduction to the case By Curtis Mullins

Ruchell Cinque Magee is the longest held political prisoner in the world, he has been in jail for more than 45 years, his captives hold him in violation of the law and the Constitution.

His is the classic case of fraud and corruption at the highest levels of government, and involves the intelligence community, executive, legislative and judicial branches of Government in a mind boggling conspiracy to hide the truth, and deny him due process and habeas corpus. This false democratic Government has committed fraud to cover up two not guilty verdicts by two different juries in two different trials.

Ruchell has been beaten by guards in the Court room in front of a jury, as Judge Herbert V. Walker sat, watched and did nothing. Judge Walker instructed the jury that they had to find Ruchell either guilty or insane; Ruchell called a 'moron' by Federal Judge Sam Conti. Judge Conti created false documents in furtherance of the conspiracy; denied Ruchell self-representation; prevented Ruchell from meeting with the media (international dope dealers are permitted media visits); denied due process and habeas corpus and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for crimes he did not commit and was found not guilty of, these are the facts.
It is common practice for poor people in America to be locked up, beaten, framed and denied due process and bail, it happens every day in America!

What is unusual is that Ruchell has documented and kept a record of the conspiracy for the world to see and read. He kept a record of the dates, times, names and places… Documented Court records, transcripts, motions, complaints and briefs reveal a grand conspiracy involving Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, State, City, County and Federal Judges, the police, lawyers, snitch informants and prison guards who participated in the conspiracy to deny him his Constitutional right to a fair trial. Ruchell is a political prisoner and considered a captured run away slave, therefor the Constitution does not apply to him, they say!
Ruchell's introduction of Joseph Cinque's "slave resistance" defense in the Amested case in 1841 said it was illegal to enslave a free man, and that "a slave has the right to resist slavery, "which Joseph Cinque did, violently and was found "not guilty of murdering his captives." Ruchell did not murder anyone and was found 'not guilty of kidnapping.'

The jurors in Ruchel's case, all 12, found him "not guilty" in the Marin Court incident, where he rebelled against slavery and was on his way to a TV/radio station to tell the world that the United States of America was practicing slavery when James McClain, William Christmas, Jonathan Jackson and Judge Harold Haley were murdered by prison guards on Governor Ronald Reagan's orders.
Juror Moses Shepard said in his declaration dated April 28, 1973, "That, under the law, rightfully applied, he Ruchell) should be a free man," and if he had been freed after the first acquittal, he would not have been in the Marin court room on August 7th 1970!

Jury Forman Bernard J. Suares said, "In the course of the juries deliberations all twelve jurors, after discussing the evidence and the applicable law as given to us by the court, acting at the same time, agreed that the defendant was not guilty of the charge of murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy.
This verdict is recorded in court records as attested to by Deputy Attorney General Greg Lowder on September 2nd 1999. Deputy Attorney General Greg Lowder of the State of California told the California Board of Prison Terms that he found Ruchell Magee's acquittal in the court records. Never in the history of American jurisprudence has a white man been found not guilty, and not set free! There is a national conspiracy to deny due process and habeas corpus to political prisoners and prisoners of war.

Investigation into COINTELPRO will prove human rights violations in America! Ruchell and Mumia Abu Jamel are victims of COINTELPRO, police and judicial conspiracies, fraud and frame-ups. Mumia Abu Jamal must be released and the death penalty abolished.
Ruchell says, "The evidence in my case is the political stick to beat the bushes with and make the snakes run out!"
Our objective this first year of the new millennium is to free Ruchell and all political prisoners and prisoner of domestic war in America. We urge you to become part of this struggle and join us in taking the question of political prisoners to America and freedom loving people all over the world.

Thank you!

Curtis Mullins

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