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Trust Institutions Search

The Trust Institutions Search is a database of both FDIC-insured and non-insured institutions with trust powers, including non-FDIC-insured trust companies which are not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) regulatory agencies. Search by Institution name, city, state, county or FDIC certificate number.

Call Report and TFR Data

A searchable database of public financial data for all FDIC insured institutions which are required to be filed quarterly. Trust information is available from December 2001 on the Call Reports, Schedule RC-T-Fiduciary and Related Services. On the Thrift Financial Reports (TFRs), trust information is available from March 2002, Schedule FS-Fiduciary and Related Services.

Additional Trust Information-Additional information on trust data is provided such as information on trust examinations or prior year data.

(Links from the Trust section of the Bank Examinations Web page, http://www.fdic.gov/regulations/examinations/index.html#Trust)

Trust Examination Overview
Trust Examination Manual

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