RTO-TR-SAS-053 - Virtual Institute on Human Behavior Representation

Institut virtuel de représentation du comportement humain

RTO-TR-SAS-053 AC/323(SAS-053)TP/321
ISBN 978-92-837-0112-5
NATO Science and Technology Organization
List of National Distribution Centres
Final Report of Task Group SAS-053.
June 2010
132 (excludes supporting material where applicable)
Distributed laboratories ; Experimental testbed ; Group modeling ; Human behavior representation ; NATO Virtual Institute ; Organizational modeling ; Team modeling ; Virtual laboratory
The research and development efforts across the field of human behavior representation are extremely varied and incorporate significant bodies of work both in the United States and internationally. Remaining cognizant of the many human behavior representation development efforts, performing cost-effective research among and across the nations, utilizing prior and on-going research, and establishing cooperative research projects requires tremendous effort. This report focuses on a discussion of the concept, work, and progress of a NATO Studies, Analysis, and Simulation Team (SAS-053) whose objective was to assess the potential utility and define the concept of a virtual institute for distributed, joint scientific investigations in the human behavior representation area, where the initial mission of the virtual institute is to develop a research plan for modeling military-related teams, groups, platforms, and organizations. The virtual institute concept provides an essential mechanism for ongoing information exchange across the NATO nations. SAS-053 also documented the current state-of-the-art in team, group, and organizational behavior and provided examples of multi-national research efforts. SAS-053 progressed both the state of team, group, and organizational human behavior research and the capability of NATO to use virtual technology to enhance research capabilities.


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