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The award-winning Field Guide to Emergency Response and Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel are resources that can help you deal with damage to your collection.

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Heritage Emergency National Task Force


If your organization suffered damage as a result of a recent disaster, visit the Heritage Emergency National Task Force’s Information on Major Disasters Web page for state cultural and emergency contacts, response and recovery resources, and a damage reporting tool.

Heritage Preservation encourages cultural institutions to do one simple activity to honor MayDay, a national campaign to promote emergency preparedness. This year, Heritage Preservation received submissions from 28 organizations in 20 different states and the District of Columbia! Learn what this year’s participants did to celebrate and more about the initiative.

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Heritage Preservation's initiative, Getting Ready in Indian Country, is designed to advance emergency preparedness for tribal cultural heritage. It includes a Report, an online Inventory of Disaster Resources, and Preparedness Discussion Questions for tribal gatherings, workshops, or staff meetings. Click here to explore this new resource!

On May 10 – 11, Heritage Preservation hosted the workshop “Risk Evaluation and Planning for Tribal Cultural Institutions” in Albuquerque. Click here to learn more about the outcomes of this workshop.


The Alliance for Response community of local networks continues to grow! Click here to learn more about last year’s forums in Portland, OR, Galveston/Houston, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. Stay tuned as we prepare for 2012 – 2013 forums in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago, and Miami.


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The Heritage Emergency National Task Force is co-sponsored by
Heritage Preservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Heritage Emergency National Task Force
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