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  • musinum

    Merry Christmas from California!

    24 Dec 2012 Reply
  • jensyao

    The server is down for me to send updates, so click here for the rest of the update If you haven't got it already, here's the pre-Life is Good mixtape Nas - The Don of All Dons (Best of 2012) some other ones on there too Nas - Half Hood/Half Class (Best of 2011) Nas - Hood Opulent (Best of 2010) 50 Things You Didn't Know About Nas Genocide Highway w/M1 Mary J. Blige - Feel Inside (Remix) [feat. Nas & Nicki Minaj]

    16 Dec 2012 Reply
  • Chris_B_STL

    No prob man, was nervous for a lot of my folk on the East Coast, good to hear you're alive and well. And also, not to get too political, good to know for another 4 years we have an Al Green fan over there in that place on Pennsylvania Avenue...

    10 Nov 2012 Reply
  • Chris_B_STL

    Everything all good up there in D.C. after the storm??

    30 Oct 2012 Reply
  • visitors

    Hello William ( * _ * )

    18 Sep 2012 Reply
  • musinum

    Come visit Clifford Brown! He didn't have a group, so I created one!

    3 Aug 2012 Reply
  • Witchpenis


    3 Jul 2012 Reply
  • wigganigga

    thanx, man!

    20 Jun 2012 Reply
  • Chris_B_STL

    Are you from D.C. or the area? I took a look at your blog btw, prolific! Sucks that it often takes an artist passing away for me to realize how small my collection of their material is. Any recommendations on Chuck Brown stuff?

    20 May 2012 Reply
  • Chris_B_STL

    Sad to hear about Chuck Brown eh?

    17 May 2012 Reply
  • KingKRool

    You a legend.

    1 May 2012 Reply
  • aaronWHAT

    peace for the add, oldie. young and old conneck.

    20 Apr 2012 Reply
  • Chris_B_STL

    Nice stuff!

    8 Apr 2012 Reply
  • blues417

    Thanks for the add. Nice library.

    10 Mar 2012 Reply
  • sjm26b

    you pretty old to be listening to some waka flocka

    23 Jan 2012 Reply
  • __-----_____---

    Beautiful charts! PEACE!

    18 Jan 2012 Reply
  • johnnygoyen

    Thank you William. It's a pleasure knowing you! Johnny

    15 Jan 2012 Reply
  • johnnygoyen

    Hello William. I'm Johnny from Texas. I just found your station. It's excellent. I also was very touched by your "About Me" message. I respect what you had to say! Johnny

    15 Jan 2012 Reply
  • Damo_Suzuki

    Dude, have you heard the new James Kealy & His Regal Toes??? Guy's just back from the asylum...

    1 Dec 2011 Reply
  • TeslaRose

    Thanks for the add, a most impressive library here !!! Greetings from Seattle WA

    19 Oct 2011 Reply
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Now it's my turn, and I am concerned
about idiots posing as kings
What are we here to rule?
I thought we were supposed to sing
And if we oughta sing, then let us begin to teach
Many of you are educated, open your mouth and speak

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