Kites are made of
Wings and Drogues
On Strings, in Flows.

"...most of us are inclined
 to believe far too little" Richard Miller

 To escape fantasy-land, major invention starts as a working toy.

Radical Rhapsodic Toys

His sunny Futurism was hijacked & militarized by Facists & he lay dying cold, sick, & starved in Stalinist famine & Siberian winter, yet Klebnikov still dreamed of Utopia as children-like, that play overcomes hell. Fast-Forward: the awaited radical tools, for sustainable freedom in restored nature, turn out to be gentle human-scale toys like the ball, swing, hoop, top, balloon, & kite.

Here is Heidegger's saving power, the deep infrastructure for Neitzche's postphoned Festive Age. How a Mutant Bike scene in Austin led back to The Garden is written in Wheeliad. The kite is the new bike. Hey, we can actually live aloft like Peter Pan & sail with Wynkin, Binkin, & Nod.

A kite is Blake's universe-in-a-flower, Borge's Aleph, subsuming all, a total media, the sky a theatre screen. A kite is Maxwell's playful demon, sorting low level thermal noise (breeze) into higher powers, electrical or mechanical, or miracles, like the kite-drawn rock of the first modern total kiter, Pocock, almost two centuries ago;

(when I was) a little tiny boy, I learnt my paper kite would draw along a stone on the ground, tied to the end of its string & "wondered".

Absurd, paper dragging stone ; typical kite mystery, Kalebnikovian child-mind like toddling Einstein by toy compass enchanted. Such os Maslovian Peak Experience. Baby Pocock in fact stumbled upon a Philosopher's Stone. Aristotle supposed stone knows its nature is to fall downward, but never suspected stone knows how to fly kites.

Pocock later flew his children as test pilots, Abraham offering to kite gods, who smiled & spared them. From dragged stone (Sisifus, at-ease...), Pocock's char-volant blew-the-doors-off aristocratic horse-coaches. Eventually he kite-bussed 16 folks at once, at times over a hundred miles a day; singular future-shock unnoticed in the fixation on "Satanic Mills", coal-based steam-power. Many of his feats are still unsurpassed. We fell into a Dark-Age.

Pocock rediscovered a Asian-Pacific view, that kites are magic, mystic-

This mode of travelling is of all others the most pleasant: privileged with harnessing the invincible winds, our celestial tandem playfully transpierces the clouds, and our mystic moving car swiftly glides along the surface of the scarcely indented earth; while beholders, snatching a glance at the rapid but noiseless expedition, are led to regard the novel scene rather as a vision than a reality.

Pocock found the kite a liberational tool to evade domination ,

There is a peculiar satisfaction in not being detained at toll-bars. The pains and the penalties which there arrest common travellers, never intercept this celestial equipage. The Char-volant, then, has the distinguished prerogative of conferring this Royal privilege; and those who travel by kite travel as Kings.

A running child closely matches to a toy kite's capacity to fly. I witnessed a most miraculous flight, a three year old, kite flying for the first time, in a near gale over Fern Hill Park in Portland. She ran about madly & surely her kite must foul on trees crowded round, but somehow wind filtering thru the forest wall kept the kite clear of snags as it looped & soared in a retrograde eddy in the lee of tall pines, a chimminy updraft; secret wind unknown to normal kiters . Mom smoked cigarettes with a careworn air as child & kite circled & swooped in wild joy, magical, certain mishap never came. Yet taming kites is the despair of engineers.

".... we unreel our kites, feel them twitching at the string like sky fish as they swim into the wind. ..." Truman Capote's childhood memory

At the Alemeda community gardens near KiteShip, watering veggies, a sparkling kite suddenly appeared in every leaf & flower . Plants are constrained structurally by water or wind-force, as well as gravity; every traditional Asian-Pacific leaf-kite begins as a (reversed) kite-leaf. Returning to KiteShip i reported the vision. Yoda1 thought it a curious halucination, odd but promising.

Seeing kites everywhere i saw along the Columbia River that the fisherman's "diver" & stabilzer tackle were paravanes, underwater kites, evolved even beyond the sky kite, found right under the nose of the World Kite Museum at the port of Ilwaco, WA. The very twinkling of stars revealed kite secrets. One may characterize atmospheric turbulence by resolving twinkle in stereoscopy, including all distant lights at night & objects shimmering in daylight.

In 1932 the eminent surrealist, Artaud, treked solo into the Tarahumaran Sierra & brought back delerious visions of ubiquitous proto-being eroded in stone. *

Artaudian Proto-Being emerges as the turbulence problem in physics, in particular; fluid dynamics, in molecular & macro-embryology, & in culture as fiction, caracature, masks, & symbols.

Artaud was drawn, as if by Baby Pocock's Kite, to the Mountain of Signs in the Sierra Madre, & found the Mayoid Tree-of-Life on its flanks, an iconic match to the True Cross of the Malay/Eddy kite, a God's Eye diamond cross symbol precisely as Artaud found inscribed in Tarhumaria, four directions plus vertical axis mundi, the six arm xyz version suggests orthogonal hyper-dimensions into Hilbert-Space, as does the wooden roadside cross of Mexican migrant laborer song, rotted, burnt, yet touching eternity. A flying tree-of-life to climb for all spacetime, inner Universal Ape jubilant. A cosmic kite-based Tree-House, a kite-based Magic Bean-Stalk. Bondestam knew this years ago.

* Then he invaded Ireland as a shamanic St. Pat, landed in psych prison & years of massive electroshock. Here's a sign- he was even declared dead on the shock-table but resurrected at the morgue!

KiteMotor7 is a fusion of ancient witchcraft devices, the jynx & bullroarer. "Jynx" is ancient greek for the spinning disk toy on a string, a tethered flywheel which the witches of Thessaly used to cast spells & "draw down the moon". The Bull Roarer is a tethered airfoil dating back at least 20,000 years, whose aeroelastic qualities produce a weird thrumming, said by aborigines to be the very voice of the sky-gods . StarHawk, Good Witch of the West, actually put a spell on KiteMotor1 at the Climate Convergence, & it worked .

Animism finds spirit in wind, stone, water, human, & animal. A kite is an animistic process. Curious agency arises from the kite's sensitive high dimensional physics.

Tidal zone turbulation fields in sand form perfect bird wings, every last feather sand-painted by physics, avian proto-being, flow-forms like the human forms revealed on crab carapices. Seashores are embossed by endless perfect little rogallos, seabird footprints, insistent printing that relentless tide & wind effaces & seagull replaces. Wing, fin, foot, leaf, & flower-petal are kites strung by the same primordial DNA.

The stick-horse returns in glory, kite attached, a tireless mono-travois voyaging the seashore.

The kite is a divine gift in Asian-Pacific traditions. Rongo gave us kites. Nga-Mahi-a-te-Rehia- Maorian "arts of pleasure" include kiting at Matariki festivals.

a mantric image of a vortice train- gnarly/gnarly/gnarly/...


Creation escaping hell- Liberational Creativity. Technology & art (techne) materializes abstraction. Technical Kiting as Action Philosophy

Aerial utopian architecture demanded situationally, behold the new tree-house.


"No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell." Artaud

Signs-in-the-sky, signal kites, radio kites, kites as art.

Cultural Kiting

Guatemalan Mayan Giant Kites may be an authentic precolumbian survival of prehistoric asian radial frame kite, repurposed as a peaceful answer to modern genocide.

10,000 Kites - Palestine/Israel, Spring 2005, Art-for-peace event inspired by a Palestinian child flying a kite amidst the rubble of his war-torn Qalqilya. More than 30,000 kites painted with messages of peace flew from Metula to Ayalot, Anata in the West Bank, and in Rahma, Jordan. Roughly 10,000 on all sides participated.

India's spiritual kite traditions, gendered fighting kites

A kite is mustang-wild, yet unicorn-tame to children. Five year old minds grasp that Kites & Bikes can save the world. Adults scoff.

Kites wafted on perfumed spring breezes.


Beware "Death Kites", the abuse of kites for destructive ends.

Oh, to take a (sur)real bike ride along near endless Texas Gulf Coast pulled by kite all the way to Old Mexico , gliding along at low tide, blue bioluminescent surf under crimson moon, hardly pedaling, but laughing & whooping a lot. A cheap sled kite can pull a nomad bike hundreds of miles along those barrier islands, synchronous migration on the winds, which alternate N & S, like breathing ,most of the year.

One flys in the Beast's Belly on an airliner.

Below: My old Flying Humanoids that were pulled aloft by an elastic tether & realeased to soar over Austin by radio-control. Joyce Dibona & George Parks collaborated. The swept LE/TEs allowed the flat sheet wings to fly just fine.

Fingertips on kiteline are eardrums into infrasound. Wind-field structures broadcast baro-acoustic signals at the speed-of-sound. A kite as a phased pressure sensor array could image its proximity with the sureness of the lateral line system of a blind cave fish.


Enter the Drachen:
Kites as Historical Agents

Some toy, the kite acts at history's hinge-points. Ancient Asian kites are reported to have turned major battles, upset class structure, & warped reality. The kite is a prime player in modern Western history. They were again forced into war, but hardly mattered this time around. More eathshaking,  it took a kite to loft Marconi's transatlantic antenna. The first airplane began as a kite. Bigger kite revolutions are now underway, a heroic force for a world in peril, & a danger .


"Hang out" aloft forever &  live in the sky "as long as the wind shall blow", on about 800 sq.ft. of fabric per capita, & travel the world by opposing foils in water & air , or against carts. Truly a new aviation for a new golden age

Let us sport us in our Celestial Playground

Wave your

fin, hand, & wing

while you sing

Dance is universal fluid dynamics.

The flying snake is pure wing. Kites are nothing but angel wings.

Kite Energy is clearly the ultimate Monkey-&-Bananas problem, or rather the Ultimate Ape (Human) challenge.