Residents Against Triton Knoll Substation

RWE npower renewables want to build a gigantic 1,200 megawatt electricity substation on a 40-acre site extendable to 120 acres in the Lincolnshire countryside. There are now three remaining villages of Welton-le-Marsh, Willoughby and Great Steeping (Monksthorpe). Residents believe that the 40 to 120-acre site should not be built anywhere near where people live and work. 


 NEWS Update 06 Feb 2013  


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  • The links to childhood leukemia and alzeimer's disease from electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) are too serious to ignore.
  • People's homes will be devalued and be difficult to sell.
  • In addition to the substation there will possibly be gigantic pylons erected across the countryside to the National Grid. There are health concerns regarding Leukemia and Alzheimer's disease, and other illnesses. A report by the Government's Health Protection Agency confirmed that people living near pylons can suffer from a condition known as electro sensitivity, recognised as a physical impairment.

  • There are applications waiting in the wings for land-based wind turbines as well as the offshore turbines. These present their own problems, such as shadow flicker when the sun is between them - if your home is near one this would be like a light flickering on and off all the time. If they have lights on the top to protect against aircraft strike, you would have to endure flickering red lights all night. The blades ripping through the air make a horrific noise. The vibration caused by the turbines can make people physically ill. The visual impact of this wonderful part of Lincolnshire would be destroyed.

The sites:

Green zoneLand at Boothby Grange, Welton le Marsh

Orange zoneLand at Monskthorpe Lane, Bratoft

Purple zone Land at Hogsbeck House, Sloothby


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