10 Years of Scrobbling Timeline

10 years of scrobbling

2002 – 2012

The Highs and Lows

What is Scrobbling?

scrobble: skrob·bul [verb]
To automatically add the tracks you play to your Last.fm profile.

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Scrobbler for iOS

A new iOS music player that helps you rediscover the music you own. The Scrobbler is a fully-featured music player that helps you discover connections between the tracks in your iTunes library through playlists, deep artist information, and more. Plus, it scrobbles*.

Smarter Music

  • Playlists based on the music you own
  • Every song can launch a "More like this" playlist
  • Scrobble your library in real-time

Immersive Artist Display

  • Artist information
  • Image slideshow
  • On Tour notifications


  • Supports iTunes Match
  • iOS 6 sharing
  • Recommended albums based on your music
  • View your top artists and top songs