Neuromarketing Companies Worldwide

On May 8, 2012

Here’s a list of companies around the world that offer neuromarketing research (in alphabetical order).



  1. Millward Brown
    Technology: facial coding, reaction time measurement, eye tracking
    Brand names: LinkTM  (for digital), LinkTM (with facial coding), EyeCapture, VirtualShopper


  1. 1to1lab
    Milan, Italy
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking
  2. AAT Research Ltd
    Mosta, Malta
    Technology: EEG, GSR, eye tracking, virtual reality tracking
  3. Brain Impact
    Bruxelles, Belgium
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye tracking, IAT priming test
  4. BrainSigns
    Rome, Italy
    Technology: EEG
  5. BrainTrends
    Rome, Italy
    Technology: EEG, thermography, fMRI, eye tracking, 3D virtual reality
  6. Bscomunicacio marketing online y neuromarketing
    Barcelona, Spain
  7. BuyerBrain
    Bucharest, Romania
    Technology: EEG, GSR, IAT
  8. BVA
    Technology: eye tracking
  9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Technology: biometrics
    Brand Names: Hormonal Quotient®, Sensory Lab®, Sensory GeoMap®, Endocrinography™
  10. Exakti Intelligence
    Helsinki, Finland
    Technology: EEG
  11. Eye Square
    Berlin, Germany
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, GSR
  12. Foviance
    London, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking
  13. Goli Neuromarketing
    Malaga, Spain
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, galvanic skin response
  14. Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG
    Munich, Germany
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye tracking, biometrics
    Brand names: Limbic®, Limbic® Map, Limbic® Types, Limbic® Explorer, Limbic® Load
  15. Human Mind and Brain
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, GSR
  16. Incore
    Berlin, Germany
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking, IAT
  17. InsideBrain - Neuroscience Applied Center
    Madrid, Spain
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, ET, biometrics, face reading
  18. ISA – Institute of Sensory Analysis
    Warsaw, Poland
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye tracking, olfactometer, GSR, EMG
  19. Keystone Network
    Brussels, Belgium
    Technology: fMRI
  20. labIOMETRICS
    Warsaw, Poland
    Technology: eye tracking, GSR, EEG
    Brandname: BioNavigator™
  21. Minder
    Ankara, Turkey
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking
  22. Mindlab International
    Brighton, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, biometrics
  23. Mindmetic
    London, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, biometrics
  24. Mindware Lab
    Moscow, Russia
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, biometrics
  25. Mountainview Learning
    London, UK
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, EMG, MEG, GSR
  26. Neurensics
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Technology: fMRI
    Brand names: 3D Brain Rating™, 3D Mind Mapping™
  27. NeuroBiomarketing
    Technology: EEG, EMG, eye-tracking, ECG, GSR
  28. Neuro-Insight
    Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK
    Technology: SST
  29. NeuroSense Limited
    London, UK
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, biometric measures, psychophysics
  30. Nielsen NeuroFocus Europe
    London, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking, GSR
  31. nViso SA
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Technology: 3D facial imaging
    Brand name: nvPlayer™
  32. Realeyes Data Services
    London, UK
    Technology: eye-tracking, facial coding
  33. SalesBrain
    Milano, Italy
    Techonolgy: PainProbe (voice layering analysis)
    Brand names: NeuroMap™, PAINProbes™
  34. SimpleUsability
    Leeds, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking
  35. Synergon Consulting
    Bucharest, Romania
    Technology: biometrics, fMRI
    Brand names: BrainPerform™, ConsumerBrain™, Brain Fitness™
  36. The Neuromarketing Labs
    Stuttgart, Germany
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye tracking, biometrics, reaction time
  37. ThinkNeuro
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking
  38. Walnut Group
    London, UK
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, GSR


  1. A&F Inteligência de Mercado
    São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Affectiva
    USA: Waltham, MA and Santa Clara, CA
    Technology: biometrics, sympathetic nervous system measurement, automated facial expression recognition
    Brand names: Affdex™ , Q Sensor™
  3. Braintech
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Technology: EEG
  4. Buyology
    New York, NY, USA
    Technology: biometrics, latency response
    Brand names: MindLink™, MindMeasure™, PackMindmeasure™, AdMindMeasure™, MediaMindMeasure™
  5. Carte Blanche
    Montreal & Toronto (Canada), Dallas (USA)
    Technology: artificial intelligence, eye tracking priming processes
  6. Chicago, Illinois
    Technology: biometrics
    Brand Names: Hormonal Quotient®, Sensory Lab®, Sensory GeoMap®, Endocrinography™
  7. Emoxional (Sensory Logic)
    Bogota, Columbia (provides services for Latin American Countries)
    Technology: facial analysis, eye tracking, EEG, biometrics
  8. FGV Neuromarketing Laboratory
    São Paulo, Brazil
  9. FKF Applied Research
    Washington, DC, USA
    Technology: fMRI
  10. Forebrain
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking, facial EMG
  11. Gallup & Robinson
    Pennington, NJ, USA
    Technology: Facial EMG
  12. HCD Research
    Flemington, NJ, USA
    Technology: eye tracking, biometrics
  13. Innerscope Research
    Boston MA, USA
    Technology: biometrics, eye tracking
  14. Ipdois Neurobusiness
    Sao Sebastiao, Brazil
    Technology: EEG, eye tracking, facial reading
  15. Lucid Systems
    San Francisco, CA, USA
  16. Merchant Mechanics, Inc.
    Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
    Technology: fMRI, EMG, EEG, biometrics, facial affect recognition, eye tracking, videographic observation
    Brand names: RealThought®, Retail Forensics®
  17. Mindmetriks
    Bogota, Columbia
  18. MindResearch
    Santiago, Chile
    Technology: EEG, GSR, eye tracking, facial coding
  19. Mindsign Neuromarketing
    San Diego, CA, USA
    Technology: fMRI
  20. MSW Research
    Lake Success, NY, USA
    Technology: EMG, EEG
  21. Neuromatters
    New York, USA
    Technology: EMG, EEG
  22. Neurosketch
    Bogota, Coumbia
    Technology: EMG, EEG
  23. Nielsen NeuroFocus
    Berkeley, CA, USA (also available in New York, Dallas, Cincinnati, Atlanta)
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics
  24. Neuro-Insight
    Technology: SST
  25. Neurobusiness Intelligence
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  26. Neurocompass
    California, USA
    Technology: fMRI
  27. Neurolab Brasil
    Recife, Brazil
  28. NeuroMarketing
    Mexico City, Mexic
    Technology: EEG
  29. NeuroSpire Inc.
    Durham, NC, USA
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking
  30. Olson Zaltman Associates
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Technology: metaphor analysis, IAT, biometrics
  31. One to One Insight
    Charlestown, MA, USA
    Techonolgy: EEG, eye tracking
  32. SalesBrain
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Techonolgy: PainProbe (voice layering analysis)
    Brand name: NeuroMap™, PAINProbes™
  33. Sands Research
    El Paso, TX, USA (works on a global basis)
    Technology: EEG with eye tracking, biometrics (GSR and heart rate), fMRI
    Brand Names: Neuro-Engagement Score (NES™), Emotional Valance Score (EVS™)
  34. Sensory Logic
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Technology: facial coding
  35. True Impact Marketing
    Mississauga, ON, Canada
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking


  1. HeadSpace Neuromarketing Agency
    Parkmore,South Africa
    Technology: EEG
  2. Neural Sense
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Technology: EEG, fMRI, facial coding, GSR


  1. Brain & Research Innovation
    Technology: fMRI, EEG, EKG, eye tracking, GSR
  2. Brain Intelligence
    Beijing, China
    Technology: EEG, fMRI, biometrics, eye tracking
  3. Nielsen NeuroFocus
    Tokyo, Japan
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics


  1. Neuro-Insight
    Melbourne / Sydney, Australia (also available in Asia Pacific)
    Technology: SST
  2. Nielsen NeuroFocus
    Macquarie Park, Australia
    Technology: EEG, eye-tracking, biometrics


  1. Branding Code
    Munich, Germany
  2. Engaged Marketing
    Utrecht, The Netherlands
  3. MellowPark
    The Netherlands
  4. Neuro Marketing
    Dublin, Ireland
  5. NeuroStrata
    London, UK
  6. NeuroZoom
    Lima, Peru
  7. Red Pepper
    Bremen, Germany
  8. Shopper Sense
    New Jersey, USA
  9. WhiteMatterMarketing
    London, UK

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