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Please leave me a message before asking to be friends. Been around music my entire life. Music has been and still is a big part of my life. Growing up,my Music formulative years were spent singing and playing the guitar in Rock & Roll - Southern Rock Bands. I am a big fan of all types music made since the early 1950's and the Blues even before that. My favorite guitarist is Hughie Thomasson of The Outlaws. Loved the way he modified his Strats to get that distinct sound of his. Billy Jones is another guitarist I admired,same band. Of course my favorite band and song is The Outlaws "Green Grass And High Tides " live. It is,off of 1978's "Bring It Back Alive" album which I think is one of the greatest Live albums ever! .

GBPicsOnline.com - Gitarre GB Pics GBPicsOnline - Sterne Jappy Pics[/url "As a rainbow grew around the Sun." url=http://avatars.jurko.net] "All the stars above who died / Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see / Those lovely people played just for me" GIFSoup L GIFSoup[/UR GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup[/URL GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup GIFSoup "Green grass and high tides forever / Castles of stone,soul and glory / Lost faces say we adore you / As kings and queens bow and play for you" To the Stars above in the Band collages who have passed away. Rest in peace. Green Grass And High Tides Forever. ]
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Green Grass and Band Logos Forever. url=http:// vatars.jurko.net]
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