About Us

Seattle Sperm Bank

is specialized in collection, processing and storage of sperm cells. Our standards are very high and we adhere to the FDA regulation of tissue banks.

Our clinic is located right next to the University of Washington campus. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and our approach is very professional though we try to keep the tone informal.

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Seattle Sperm Bank, one of the world's leading reproductive tissue banks, is seeking healthy men for our sperm donor program. We are constantly recruiting males from all ethnicities, religions, and races. By being a sperm donor, you can supplement your income while giving others the chance to exprience the joy of starting a family of their own.
Seattle Sperm Bank LLC - 4915 25th Avenue NE, Suite 204 - Seattle WA 98105 - Ph: 206-588-1484 - info@seattlespermbank.com