World Trade Center Scraps "Windows On The World" Plans

030811windows.jpg Many who hoped to dine in the WTC's Windows on the World took solace that from the beginning, the new WTC's plan called for another top floor restaurant. But last night, the Port Authority and the Durst Organization announced that they have scrapped plans for a Windows on the World-type restaurant. PA Executive Director Chris Ward said, "We do not build vanity projects at the top of tall buildings." But that means the terrorists won!

Jordan Barowitz of the Durst Organization told us, "It’s extraordinarily expensive to build and operate a restaurant at the top of an office building. After looking at the numbers, the plan for a restaurant was not financially viable." However, Windows on the World was one of the highest grossing restaurants in the US. Ward said, "We are committed to finding the highest, best and most practical use for this space—one that does not require subsidizing a restaurant with public money for years to come." But that wasn't always the case; in 2008 they asked proposing developers to include 34,000 square feet of dining, drinking and banquet space in their plans.

The PA seems to have erased the plans for a "skyline restaurant" from their website; the description of One WTC now reads, "Upon completion, One World Trade Center's program will include 3 million square feet of office space on 71 office floors, a grand public lobby graced with a 50-foot ceilings, an observation deck 1,241' 8" above ground, a wide array of shopping opportunities and ample parking." If you want a taste of that Windows on the World magic, there's always Colors, but let's face it, not being able to eat on the top floor of an office building means the city might as well be under Sharia law.

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  • This is insulting. One of the only recognizable elements of the original World Trade Center, and they scrap it. After scaling everything down, rejecting public input, taking 10 years to not even get halfway complete, they decide that a renewed Windows on the World restaurant..is a "vanity project"!? They should have taken Trump's plan and rebuilt the towers higher than they were. To disgrace it by building what they're building now..but to even further disgrace it by omitting this keystone element..speechless.

  • Totally agreed!

  • Wow the whole plan is not viable financially in the first place. Neither is it viable legally or structurally. Windows on the World made a TON of profit and was the pride of all US wine collections and restaurants. The whole design is tacky, over expensive, and foolish. Now they rid one of the last standing remnants of the original buildings. Imbeciles. This is a terrible complex they have designed.

  • sommelier

    I worked at Windows on the World. It was a terrific restaurant and, yes, a profitable restaurant.

  • I love that they can justify subsidizing an enormous vanity project that nobody really needs, and then act like they're saving money by not putting another vanity project on top of it.

  • GothamExtremist

    I would not want to work in such a building on such a high floor, ever, its a matter of time, before something happens again.

  • fleur_de_lis

    what a shame. I think that's terrible that they're not putting a restaurant up there. So after 9/11 they're going to build a tower there and leave out one of the best aspects of the twin towers? just doesn't make sense. please, put a restaurant up there!! :(

  • Unkle_Bob

    "Highest grossing" does not equal "highest profit" (or even any profit).

  • oinonio

    "We do not build vanity projects at the top of tall buildings."

    And we are poorer for it.

  • Kojak

    "We do not build vanity projects at the top of tall buildings."

    The entire World Trade Center project, the Original Twin Towers, AND the new One World Trade center, are in fact, Vanity projects. So spare us the BS please.

  • Completely agreed. We can argue the merit of them all day long, but is, in fact, what they are.

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