From educating you on the broader local market to explaining the finer points of London apartments and day-to-day life, we’re your one point of contact through it all.

The Complete Cycle of Moving to London

We ensure that, from the very beginning of our first communication to the very end of when you feel you need us any longer:

  • We manage your expectations
  • We uphold our promises
  • We fulfil all your relocation needs

Why You Need Us When Moving to LND

Arguably the toughest part of relocating is knowing where exactly to start. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many factors flooding your mind. Even tougher is getting certain logistics sorted first in order to tackle others, especially when some of those relationships can be maddeningly circular. So what does it take—in what order—to get your assignees settled into their London flats sooner rather than later?

How We’re Different

From the early stages of identifying the need—and feasibility—of moving to London to forming the plans that will make it a reality, to executing the services with an attention to detail that makes it a seamless success, we’re here through it all.

To see your entire relocation cycle through, our friendly, in-house staff members:

  • Draw on our personal experience of moving to LND and living here to familiarize clients with the environs, procedures, and culture
  • Guide clients through the property search from the initial enquiry to keys in hand to settling in
  • Coordinate all other relocation services that clients require in the proper order they need to be addressed
  • Stay in constant contact before, during, and after move-in

We’ll be your safe haven months before you even set foot on UK soil and will remain so months thereafter as you need us. Finding flats in LND is one thing, bringing together the whole relocation process quite another—and we won’t leave your side until it’s finished to your utmost satisfaction.

How You Benefit

If you’re an HR professional, you have enough responsibilities vying for your attention. Assisting your company’s employees through one stage of their move inevitably leads to another, then another, so why deal with continual interruption in your task flow? Keep your assignee relocations centralized and consistent from start to finish by allowing us to:

  • Conduct an insightful, in-depth assessment of your company’s and individual employees’ needs
  • Promise only what can be realistically delivered so that expectations start off on the right foot
  • Educate you and your assignees on the ins and outs of the local property market and culture, from the characteristics of London flats, neighborhoods, and lettings practices to setting up internet or just knowing where to shop
  • Find and chauffeur clients to as many as 25 London apartments (in only one day!) and stay with them through lease signing, move-in, and beyond
  • Provide a full-service, singular point of contact meeting multiple needs specific to your requirements, be it applying for UK visas, filing UK taxes, furnishing London rentals, transitioning families, and so much more

Our one-stop-shopping approach is not only cost and time efficient, but also cause to exhale and leave the full responsibility of moving to London to experts you can trust.