Moving to London can sometimes play like a game of “Telephone”: the more people your information is passed along to, the more that information risks becoming distorted or incomplete. As your one point of contact, in contrast, we won’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Moving to London Successfully Requires Consistency

We know your needs are vital, and communication is essential to meeting them. The problem with bigger guys than us is they have multiple contacts across different departments or offices, so key aspects of your needs assessment for LND apartments or other services could get lost in translation when continually passed on to someone else.

  • One point of contact sees you through from start to finish
  • We get to know you and your relocation requirements, inside and out, and assist with far more than just property rentals
  • We don’t shrug and pass your requirements off to anyone else—we do it right by doing it ourselves 

Why You Need Us For Moving to London

International relocation entails a complicated network of logistics that must be threaded together seamlessly for it to be successful. The more this process is decentralized, however, the more contacts you have to manage—and the less comprehensively they might each understand of your needs. It’s frustrating having to repeat yourself over and over again to every new person you’re connected to.

How We’re Different

Our company started as a one-man band—one expatriate seeking to help many others. And even though our staff size has increased over the years to accommodate a growing clientele moving to London, the culture of that personalized, one-to-one approach on which our business was founded remains intact.

We’re therefore insistent that we:

  • Ask comprehensive questions based on our local and industry expertise to ensure we know exactly what our clients need
  • Centralize and focus on our clients’ needs, no matter how many employee relocations or related services they require
  • Stick with our clients through the entire process

Our business is about people, not property. Everything we do, we take to heart; it comes from an innate altruistic sense of accountability, not a desire to simply fill London apartments. To let you down is to let ourselves down, so we’ll keep you in safe and diligent hands—ours.

How You Benefit

As an HR professional, you don’t have time to be lobbed around. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of navigating through telephone menus or the insult of finally getting through to real people only to be passed off to someone else when they can’t help us. All you want are the specific facts as they relate to your specific requirements, and you shouldn’t have to wait for it. It’s all about what WE can do to help YOU, which is why:

  • An actual, in-house agent will field your initial enquiry as soon as possible and be the one person assigned to your company for continuity and familiarity
  • After our initial conversation, we’ll follow up with a thorough needs assessment of what you or your assignees are looking for in London flats and other relocation support
  • If any factors don’t align, we’ll immediately contact you and work out what is going to change
  • We’ll be your MLS (since it doesn’t exist here) to exhaust the market for exactly what you’re looking for in LND apartments for rent
  • We manage multiple services related to moving to LND, from obtaining UK visas to finding apartments to getting properly settled in thereafter

London flats might come and go in this biz, but you’re not a ball to be passed around industry players. You’re our client, and WE work for YOU. We don’t hand you over—we handle everything ourselves based on what your company needs when it comes to your staff moving to London with care and ease.