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The Pacemakers film, produced by the Burton tailoring company showing a fashion show of men's clothes.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (LMG) LEEDM.C.158.4

Chowbattia, tea making in India, Uttar Pradesh.

Chowbattia, tea making in India, Uttar Pradesh.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (BL) 752/21 (15)

A water-colour painting of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh on horseback.

A destroyed church with cemetery behind Ypres during World War One, from Percy Levy's Book of Life.
* Moving Here catalogue reference (JML) 1993.4.1.p82


Tailoring industry - the Montague Burton archive

Founded by Montague Burton, a Lithuanian immigrant, Burton's became one of the largest multiple tailoring firms in the world, with 600 shops nationwide in 1939.

Tea plantations 1860-1956

Tea was first cultivated in China and reached Europe in the 17th century becoming a highly valued commodity. The British established their first plantations in India in the 1820s.

Textiles from South Asia

This is a small sample of South Asian textiles from the Victoria and Albert Museum's collections.

The First World War - Percy Levy's Book of Life

The 'Book of Life' is an album created by Percy Levy (1892-1964) during the 1920s. It provides a glimpse into the life of a middle-class Jewish family in London in the early 20th century and the experiences of an officer on the Western Front during the First World War.

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