RendyTuned, A Website full of Rendy's stuffs.

Turbo Sliders, GeneRally, Mini Racing Online, and much more!


HELLO! This is RendyTUNED, The fansite of the Indonesian player of Turbo Sliders, MiniRacingOnline and GeneRally, Rendy [Andrian]! You can find my TS tracks and cars, MRO stuffs, and also GR stuffs. This site will be continuously updated when I finished some new stuff/have time to post my old stuffs here.


31/7 2009 Added Turbo Sliders Stuff and Mini Racing Online Stuff. TS Stuff has 3 downloadable tracks.

01/8 2009 Added 2 more tracks, changing the background, separating the downloads for cars and tracks, added 2 cars, and added Links. Re_DriftScene link fixed.

17/8 2009 Added GeneRally stuffs section.

02/10 2009 Time for big site makeover! I mean, for real! Almost A month I didn't update this site due to my school business and my internet network business. Sorry for the inconvenience dear visitors.

03/10 2009 Added "Pictures" section, download links for the tracks are present, and the car download links on Media Fire is tomorrow.

17/10 2009 Added new track picture, and a blog section. I also finished Re_Onett GP. And it's my birthday now (although it's too late).

20/10 2009 Added new cars, a new track, and my first MRO stuff. Also I fixed the date which it should be "17/10" not "03/17". I also posted a new blog post, check it out on the "Blog" section.

23/12 2009 Winter holidays :) (No winter in Indonesia but oh well). Lazy to update this site due to a blackout when updating a new blog. Nevermind, new tracks and cars are here.

21/2 2010 Long time not updating this one! Glad I can be back safely :). Anyway, Tamiya Circuit and others are my new tracks uploaded a long time before I update this one.

5/4 2010 RENDYTUNED is officially back from hiatus, hence the school break.

9/5 2010  Added my GR Stuffs which I made on Now you can REALLY GET THEM because I updated their links :D

9/7 2010 Updated the site again by adding some new stuffs and description fixes

10/10 2010 Another new Turbo Sliders track is added finally! It's been 3 freaking months!

11/6 2010 Check out the new stuffs I added to TS Tracks and Others section!