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SonAir Airline Services, S.A.
Houston Express

About this flight

SonAir, prides itself on being the first national company to offer a direct transport of passengers and cargo between Angola and the United States of America more precisely between the cities of Luanda and Houston.

This operation started November 6th 2000 to provide air transportation support to USAEA (U.S. AFRICA ENERGY ASSOCIATION) and this private charter service is available only to USAEA members. Since then, the Houston Express has been the only direct regular air charter service flying passengers and cargo between Houston and Luanda.

SonAir S.A. serves as the USAEA´s Agent in arranging the Houston Express, which is now operated by Atlas Air with Boeing 747-400. The Aircraft has a modern configuration to serve 189 passengers and consists of First, Executive and Economy Classes, with a majority of executive seats.

We want to ensure that Houston Express guests are satisfied with this charter and that they continue to experience the highest levels of safety, comfort and quality on each flight.

There is a free tool number available 24 hours a day, for Houston Express passengers to update on times of the service and the number is 1 877747 EXPRESS.

  Summer Winter  
Luanda-Houston ETD: 10h00 PM ETD: 10h00 PM  
Weekday: Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
Check-in opens at 05:30 pm
Check-in closes at 07:30 pm
Boarding time: 10:00 pm


Check-in opens at 05:30 pm
Check-in closes at 07:30 pm
Boarding time:10:00pm

ETA: 06:00am*

Houston-Luanda ETD: 10h45 AM ETD: 10h45 AM  
Weekday: Monday Wednesday and Friday
Check-in opens at 07:15 am
Check-in closes at 09:15 am
Boarding time: 10h45 am

ETA: 08h00*

Check-in opens at 08:00 am
Check-in closes at 09:15 am
Boarding time:10h45am

ETA: 08h00*


*Arrives on the next day..

Miles for Frequent Passenger
Miles earned on the Houston Express may only be used on United Airlines. To benefit from this service passengers may register at our counter or online registering online in our system or at one of our agencies.