Snap-happy Ken Zucker and Richard Green compiling a Transgender Enemies album?


Has-been sexologist Richard Green (author of transphobic classic The Sissy-Boy Syndrome) and his hand-picked successor Kenneth Zucker (the key proponent of reparative therapy on gender-variant children), have both been busy compiling surveillance photos of anyone in the transgender community who dares to criticize them.

Zucker Out

Below is a full report of the recent protest at a conference both Green and Zucker attended.

The protest leaflet is at this link:

An update discusses the recent habit of Zucker and cronies taking pictures of their critics.

Holiday Snaps???
An update to this post from earlier today. I’ve spoken to someone who was in the conference, and they asked Richard Green why he was taking photos of us.

Apparently he was doing it at the request of Zucker himself, who wanted a souvenir, because he “found the attention amusing”.

So there are going to be pictures of me, a few other transpeople, and a bunch of allies in Zucker’s holiday snaps album. Knowing what they say about those who protest too much, I do hope he’s not planning to view them with a box of Kleenex at the ready.

Urgh! I think I need a shower.

And sandpaper.

Lynn Conway responded with an amusing observation that Zucker was also snapping shots of his trans critics at a recent WPATH conference.

This reminds me of WPATH 2007, when Zucker walked up to me, stuck a camera in my face and quickly took a photo of me - while in parallel asking if it “was OK”. No hello or anything. Just a camera in the face.

I then noticed he was doing same thing to other trans-women there, and this seemed incredibly rude, domineering and presumptuous on his part - especially given the history of animosity between him and the trans-community.

One can only imagine what he does with all his trans-photos. Analyses of trans-types? Sharing laughs over them with his “scientific colleagues”? Jerking off?

As Chair of the American Psychiatric Association committee, Zucker will be determining how trans people will be defined in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

Zucker is very politically astute and can probably now feel the shifting political winds that will make him the George Rekers or Charles Socarides of the “experts” on trans people. He will be viewed as one of the affable but misguided people who brought great misery to our community and especially to those who don’t fit their ideologies and taxonomies and nosologies. The immediate concern is for the unfortunate children under Zucker’s “care” who aren’t the hopeless incurables, the 10% he allows to transition. It’s the other 90%: the children he thinks he can save by taking away their pink crayons and not allowing them to draw girls or even play with girls. I mention only the MTF spectrum because 5 to 30 times as many children who are “too feminine” get treated in these clinics.

The hopeless incurables will conform to normative roles once they transition. My concern is for the non-conforming children. There’s an overfocus by our community on children who want to make a complete transition, because I believe many of us want these children to have the opportunity for early transition that we did not. But the children who are being policed and hurt the most by Zucker are those 90% on the borderlands, who get coerced and shamed into expressing their assigned gender, by their own parents, at Zucker’s behest. I can think of few things more psychologically damaging to a child, whether it’s done in the name of religion, psychology, or any other oppressive enterprise.

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Posted by Andrea James on 10/03 at 07:39 AM

If Zucker ever tried to take a pic of me, especially snapping it at the same moment he was ‘asking’ permission, he’d get a taste of some of my military training, and a broken camera to boot.

It’s interesting that there are so few pix of the likes of Zucker and Blanchard available on the Internet.  Maybe we should be taking pix of them.  Photo-tour of CAMH, anyone?

Posted by  on  10/04  at  06:21 AM

If that guy (or anyone) tries to take a pic of me without permission (no hello, cam in the face, goodbye type thing)—they can definitely be expected to be taken to task for it.

Posted by  on  10/05  at  11:44 PM
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