Survival Seed For Emergency Gardening

The term Survival Seed is used here to describe Non-Hybrid,
Heirloom or Open-Pollinated seeds.

Non-Hybrid and Heirloom seeds allow you to "collect the seed" from your survival garden crops for future planting, unlike Hybrid Seed varieties which produce sterile seeds that CANNOT be collected and reliably used for future planting.

If you are planning to plant what we call a survival garden, and your goal is to become more self-sufficient, or to be prepared with emergency garden foods... then you should consider using survival seeds from which you will be able to raise a good portion of your own food.

You buy the seeds once, collect, dry, and store the seeds from your garden plants, which will save you about 1/2 the cost of buying the seeds every year.

Facts Regarding Non-Hybrid or Heirloom Seeds
  • You only buy once.
  • You can collect and save your own seeds.
  • Seed saving is simple and very satisfying.
  • You can usually buy and raise better varieties.
  • Saving survival seeds can cut your gardening costs down by 1/4 or 1/2.
  • The seeds you buy as a seed bank will provide generations of vegetables.
  • Plants evolve as reliable performers, particularly in their natural location.
  • Plants that reproduce through natural means tend to adapt to local conditions over time.

An additional reason to raise non-hybrid plants is that most of the open-pollinated varieties taste better.

That is the opposite of what we have been led to believe... often by seed companies, who by the way, often hold the rights to certain hybrids they developed and/or sell.

Facts Regarding Hybrid Seeds
  • Hybrid seed cannot be saved.
  • New seed must be purchased for each planting.
  • Seed from the first generation of hybrid plants does not reliably produce true copies.
  • Erodes the gene pool, resulting at some point in less hardy, more vulnerable plants.
  • Widespread use of hybrid seed varieties, is said to be eliminating many open-pollinated varieties.

Try not to buy seeds off the racks in most stores. Here you will usually find those trusty hybrids, along with higher prices for the quantity. You can sometimes find seeds on sale, but usually there are few seeds in the pack.

Tips For Using Survival Seeds
  1. Save money by getting together with gardening friends and relatives, and buy your seed as a co-op venture.
  2. If you don't have garden space, another option might be, arranging to plant your survival seeds using a friend's, relative's, or even talking with others about putting together a neighborhood or community garden.
  3. Keep enough seed so that you never plant ALL of what you have. This is good common sense preparedness. Save some of each harvested seed variety so that you always have extra garden seed on hand to plant and replace with the next seasons harvest.
  4. Plant what you need, then carefully seal the survival seeds against rodents, insects, and dampness. Store the seeds properly in a cool environment and they will keep until next year.

Learn how to dry and store your garden seeds on our page here:
Storing Survival Garden Seeds

Years ago when self sufficiency was much more prevalent, neighbor could rely upon neighbor to barter and trade for essentials, and the local town store filled in the gaps. Times have we need to prepare for the Times.

Be Wise. Don't be one of the un-informed "sheeple", that actually believe we have limitless resources, and that the government has the capability of always being able to take care of us with an endless food supply.

When we face a true food shortage, will you be prepared? With that in mind, take a moment to browse through the different seed products below, most are Non-Hybrid variety or Heirloom Seeds.

Garden Seeds

Non-Hybrid Seed Products:

Great Variety of Non-Hybrid Seed Packs
Non-Hybrid Seed Products and Information.

Non Hybrid Seed Bank
Plants a Full Acre Survival Garden

The retailers below sell both Hybrid and NON-Hybrid/Heirloom varieties:

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