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"In the Debt Generation, David Malone comes to a similar conclusion as I came to making Inside Job: that the financial system, as presently constituted, isn't just a danger to our economy, but to our very democracy." Charles Ferguson, director of Inside Job

Passionate, angry, funny and full of insight, The Debt Generation is both a compelling account of the economic crisis as it happened and a devastating critique of the financial system and of our political leaders who bowed down to it. Read more.

“Before reading The Debt Generation I would have said that the funniest and most entertaining book on the financial crisis was "Whoops!" by John Lanchester. Now I think that prize must go to David Malone's work. It is intelligent, funny, informative and committed. It is committed on the side of us, the poor and weak, against them, the rich and strong, and I unhesitatingly recommend it to all readers who wish to be enlightened about the world of high finance and who want to be entertained at the same time." Read more reviews




The Author

David Malone is more well-known for making science documentaries for British television. At the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, incensed by events, he began posting comments on the financial pages of the Guardian newspaper’s website. He then began his own blog. The Debt Generation is the culmination of over two years writing fuelled by anger and frustration at the way our futures were being sold to save the banks. Read more about David.


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