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CJ Regmi assumes office

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Newly appointed Chef Justice (CJ) Khil Raj Regmi assumed his office at the Supreme Court on Friday.

The CJ assumed the office soon after taking the oath of office and secrecy in the presence of President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav at Shital Niwas, Kathmandu this morning.

Talking to the reporters after his oath taking ceremony, CJ Regmi said his primary objective was upholding judicial independence, ending delay in justice delivery and making justice accessible to minority groups.

Earlier, the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee has unanimously endorsed the nomination of Regmi as the next chief justice of the Supreme Court on April 28.

Regmi, 62, has replaced incumbent Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha, who retired on May 5.

Regmi, who has a four-decade-long experience in the judiciary, will serve as CJ for a period of over three years before he reaches the compulsory retirement age.



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