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  • “We're using Chartbeat continuously in real time. We use Chartbeat Heads Up Display and Big Board especially as a basis for traffic management on our three home pages.” Michael Gluenz, Head Editor, Bluewin

  • “By providing key information in real-time, we have a more precise understanding of the traffic we must support as we add features to our next generation liveblog platform.” Thomas Plunkett, CTO, Gawker Media

  • “The real-time dashboard we now widely use gives us continuous insights into how we can increase engagement and, hopefully, build loyalty to Journal's journalism.”
    Raju Narisetti, Head, WSJ Digital Network

  • “We look at Chartbeat all day… to see what's trending down and what's trending up. We feel a sense of pride when something hits the board like it's supposed to.” Lynne Jordal Martin, Opinion Editor, FoxNews.com


  • Engaged Time:
    Industry-defining metrics

    Promoting your most engaging content is key for building a loyal audience — Chartbeat's signature Engaged Time metric zeros in on the top-quality stories that keep readers engaged on your site.

  • Traffic Sources:
    Awesome audience overviews

    Our Traffic Sources view ensures you'll catch every chance to bring more readers to your page. You have instant, actionable insights about where your traffic is coming from.