Gilberto – Before and After

My Success Story

In 2004, I was at 185 lbs weight which I had been at for a long time, at least a decade. Due to some illness and medication which I reacted to, I began to gain weight slowly and imperceptibly at first. This was exacerbated by elevated stress at work. I soon broke 200 lbs. I had pretty much always been pretty slender, almost skinny, throughout my life and at 185 lbs I wasn’t doing too badly at 50+ years old.

I also knew that during the weight gaining stage of my life, I experienced some depression as I had always seen myself mostly as a skinny, if not slender, person. My vernacular was changing and I was repeating what my doctor was telling me, “well, it’s just age! you’re getting old!” During this period I really got heavily into the Carb Addiction — I had given up. The more I ate everything in site, the more I wanted to eat everything in sight. Don’t you drop barbeque sauce on your arm at an outing, I just might zero in on it. I finally began to believe and felt there was nothing I could do. I did try but I could never follow any program and nothing seemed to work for me. My appetite was ravenous — I was always eating!

Ariix and Slenderiix came into my life at a time when I needed it the most. I’m so happy I now have solutions that work. I got on Ariix products in August, 2012. I started with the Puritii filtered water bottle and the nutritional supplements. A month later I began the Slenderiix and Excelerate drops along with the Rejuveniix and Restoriix. I took these along with everything else I was doing for 8-10 weeks. I did not weigh myself when I started as I was not planning to take before and after pictures. I had been hovering around 245-250 for a few years already. But guessing 245 at least, I lost 28 lbs. I decided to take a break for the Holidays. I maintained my weight at 217 all this time. Yesterday, March 1, 2013 I started the drops again. My weight, right now, today — this very moment — is 217.9 lbs. My goal is to get down to 185 lbs. I now know, “I CAN DO THIS!” Thank you Slenderiix.