PocketBook Touch is the best e-reader in Europe by the estimate of Computer Bild magazine

April 25, 2012

An authoritative European IT periodical Computer Bild has announced the results of an independent testing of the best e-readers. The devices has been rated in five categories: display quality, functional capabilities, technical characteristics, additional features and support services. Having outstripped the competitors in each category PocketBook Touch won the first place.

Computer Bild is the most acknowledged European magazine about consumer electronics. Its circulation is more than 500 thousand copies including 120 thousand subscribers. The magazine is published since 1996.

Annually an editorial staff of the magazine sets an independent evaluation and comparison of the best e-readers chosen by their experts. This year top 8 included the latest models by PocketBook, Kobo, Sony and Amazon.

The first stage of testing was meant to grade the devices by such criteria as design, navigation comfort and price (the jury combined these definitions in one term Lifestyle Factor). As a result three models, including PocketBook Touch gained the same number of stars: four of five possible. Under this testing the experts singled out PocketBook Touch for its unique form-factor. 

The complete test included thorough examination of the devices and their detailed grading in five categories. The jury gave top marks in all categories to PocketBook Touch. Finally, the summary by the experts dedicated to this model contained a high appraise of its rich functionality, an excellent quality of multisensor display and original capabilities of PDF files viewing. The price range was defined as affordable.

As a result of testing PocketBook Touch was awarded “The choice of Computer Bild”.

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