It had to happen one day, my MediaFire account was suspended. Hopefully, this one only contained to most recent albums, so the damages are minimal. If you have problems accessing the older files, simply copy-paste the links instead of clicking on them or clear your cookies and they should work like usual.

During the following week, I’ll will reconsider the use of MediaFire. it’s sad because it’s a really great platform, but if it becomes unstable, I’ll have to think about something else. One thing that can be done right now and in the future is mirroring download links. That means those who already downloaded the albums that are down can re-upload them to any services they want and share the link in the comments. Then, even if one goes down, there’s still a few more for everyone!

Thank you for your understanding and patience while MikuDB finds a solution and re-upload the affected albums.


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