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TECH TICKER … McObject Launches eXtremeDB Financial Edition.

June 22, 2012
Tommy Fernandez

McObject launches eXtremeDB financial edition. Invesco implements OneTick for transaction cost analysis. Asia Commercial Bank uses Moody’s Analytics for ALM and liquidity risk.

MCOBJECT: The real-time database system developer has unveiled eXtremeDB financial edition, high speed database backbone for time-critical financial applications.

The 150 kilobyte in-memory database system is designed to run instructions and data at central processing unit speed. Users can download it and pay by the number of servers on which it is run.

It has a number of enhancements geared for automated capital markets data.

They include:

- Support for a column-based data layout, which makes it easier to handle time-series data like ticks and quotes. Designers can combine columns with traditional rows in a single database design, allowing for more efficient run-times.

  • - A library of vector-based statistical functions designed to cut latency in time series data management, as well as maximize efficiency in the use of L1 and L2 memory caches.
  • - Improved clustering technology that boosts the scalability and performance of distributed databases.
  • - A new graphical user interface monitor for data performance, allowing users to gauge the effect of database or application changes on transaction throughput, memory consumption and other key factors when they fine-tune the systems to reduce latency.

The company expects that high frequency trading firms will run data on the system using one stock symbol. The National Stock Exchange of India, right now, it the primary capital markets customer for this product.

The company says the system eliminates I/O, cache management and other overhead of traditional (disk-based) DBMSs. It is transactional, with support for ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) properties to protect data integrity without compromising performance.

In-process architecture boosts performance by eliminating inter-process communications inherent in client/server database architecture. It executes with the speed of compiled C/C++, and outperforms Java by a wide margin.

It is highly scalable via 64-bit support, and a multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) transaction manager makes eXtremeDB ideal for multi-core platforms.

ONEMARKETDATA: The developer of tick data management, analytics and complex event processing systems reported that investment manager Invesco has deployed the vendor’s OneTick system, which handles historical and real-time complex event processing (CEP) and tick data.

The asset manager will use OneTick for customized transaction cost analysis (TCA) analytics on its executions. The firm will use the sysetm’s analytical tools to build custom TCA models as well as to run historical simulations and conduct quantitative research.

“Transaction cost analysis has long been an important part of our investment process,” said Kevin Cronin, Invesco’s Global Head of Equity Trading, in a statement. ”We wanted to increase both the level of sophistication of our analysis and experiment with new approaches. OneTick empowered us to take control of our TCA by allowing us to customize our analyses and embed them into our investment decisions with a quick, simple, and cost-effective tool.”