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Thank you for interest and for contacting us at New Liberty Dollar.

In order to purchase New Liberty Dollar silver pieces, it is important that we be sure of a few things before you can become a qualified purchaser by answering a few quick questions. Please feel welcome to reply when contacting us..

  1. Do you understand that the New Liberty Dollar is 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver private issue silver piece medallion, and not any government issued coin?
  2. Do you understand that the Legal Tender law, (which requires that Federal Reserve Notes be accepted as payment for all debts public and private) do not apply to these New Liberty Dollars and that the value of New Liberty Dollars does not depend on any such law enforcing their value, but rather on their intrinsic value as an item of beauty and utility?
  3. Do you understand that silver pieces such as these New Liberty Dollars may also have numismatic, artistic, sentimental, historic, or other value above and beyond the value of the bullion used to make the New Liberty Dollar.
  4. Do you understand that any exchange of the New Liberty Dollars be agreed by all parties involved in the exchange as an exercise of citizens' constitutional right to contract?
  5. Do you understand that the MSRP emblazoned on the New Liberty Dollar is a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price and that individual retailers may price or exchange them at a lower or much higher value and that this is in no way controlled or controllable by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer makes no warranty, express or implied, of suitability or fitness for any purpose. New Liberty dollars are not convertable into any legal tender. The product is what it is, what you do with it once you own it is entirely your concern.

Thank you for your interest in New Liberty Dollars. We look forward to working with you.

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