Eyes of Israel

As President Barack Obama continues his tour of Israel, one of the most valuable assets, for the protection and defense of Israel, is the presence of ...Read Full Article  
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Missile Defense in the News
3/21/2013 Weapons Experts Raise Doubts About Israel’s Antimissile System
2/19/2013 President Obama Demands Defense for U.S. Homeland and Allies Against North Korea
2/15/2013 US Demonstrates Successful Intercept to North Korea using Satellites

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1/24/2013 North Korea to carry out third nuclear test 'aimed at US'
12/14/2012 DPRK missile could reach U.S. mainland
12/13/2012 N. Korea's launch causes worries about nukes, Iran and the Pacific
12/13/2012 N. Korea's missile could reach Guam
12/13/2012 Iran congratulates North Korea on rocket launch
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