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New Edition of My Awakening in Free Audio Book is now Available

New Edition of My Awakening in Free Audio Book is now Available

With the help of a dedicated musician, the very talented Robert Lloyd, the new Audio Book version of My Awakening is now ready for download in file sharing. If you are not doing peer 2 peer, search for and download utorrent using google and just install normally.

Here is a quick link for you of UTORRENT  After it is installed completely.  Once UTORRENT is installed, click on the following link and UTORRENT  will start downloading this file:

Free My Awakening Audio Book – Complete and Updated Now Ready!

Or order the complete audio book on DVD for $20

If you are already on peer to peer please help SEED this audio version with allowance of a high upload speed. This version has improved audio quality and original composed music intros by Robert Lloyd to each chapter, as well as a new Introduction by me.  It is a large file with the complete book in good quality audio so, if you have a slow internet connection it will take time to download. You can also check the torrent on the particular parts of the book to download, such as Part I and II. And then when that is finished, go parts III and then IV.

Well, we really need all the computer savvy people to download and SEED this torrent at a high upload speed and spread the torrent for it far and wide! Thanks to all!

Of course, we do urge you to order and read the beautiful edition that you purchase from the shop. It has over a 1,000 footnotes where you can find the source for every quotation and fact contained in this great book, and each copy ordered from our office is personally autographed by David Duke. My Awakening from Shop!


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