sightseeing in seville spain ...

Visitors to Andalucia will surely wish to go sightseeing in seville spain ...

Dashing, romantic capital of the south, splendid Seville is the city of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro.

Nature lovers will adore both Doñana Nature Reserve and Sierra Norte Nature Reserve.

Children will delight in Isla Mágica Theme Park, Aquópolis Seville Guadalpark Water Park, and nearby Mundo Park.

So, let´s take a tour of this elegant city, which is home to bitter-sweet marmalade oranges and tapas - and a place that I love ...

basic facts about seville

· situated well inland
· on the banks of the Guadalquivir River
· capital of Andalucia
· capital of the province of Sevilla
. largest city of southern Spain

sightseeing in seville spain - main attractions

At the heart of the Old Quarter lies Seville Cathedral.

Built between 1401-1519 - after the Reconquista and on the site of the city´s former mosque - it is the largest of all medieval and Gothic cathedrals in the world.

Attached to the Cathedral of Seville is La Giralda - tallest tower in Spain.

Originally a minaret of the Islamic Mosque, it was converted into a Bell Tower in 1184.

La Giralda is Seville´s most famous symbol and is topped by a statue representing Faith.

Facing the cathedral, discover the Alcázar - once the city´s old Moorish Palace - plus the Golden Tower.

Construction began in 1181 but continued for over 500 years.

The magnificent Plaza de España and the Casa de Pilatos - House of Pilate - are also well-worth a visit.

Crossing the Guadalquivir River, via the old Trian Bridge, browse round colorful districts such as Triana, La Macarena and view La Maestranza Bullring (1758) - one of Spain´s oldest.

sightseeing in seville spain - fiestas

Seville is also renowned for its two major fiestas which take place in Spring.

During Semana Santa or Easter Holy Week, is the much-celebrated religious festival.

Two weeks after Easter Holy Week comes the Feria de Sevilla or Seville Fair.

This is a week-long fiesta, with almost permanent celebrations. Men parade on beautiful horses and the women are decked out in traditional Sevillana dress.

Apart from its fiestas, Spring is an ideal time to go, for the climate in Seville Spain can be extremely hot in summer!

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