An API that provides the functionality and implements a user interface for preference expression and conversion of results for a democratic on-line voting process.

Decide2Gether can be embedded into Rule2Gether, Do2Gether, Draft2Gether or into your custom web application.

Decide2Gether provides a powerful and easy-to-use Preference Expression facility to support decision-making processes. In order to provide maximum flexibility, Administrators can configure the system and enable it to use several different algorithms, which implement different voting methods.

Preference Expression is the term used on Decide2Gether to refer to the entire engine of configuration/input/output of data of all available methods. We'll also make use of the term "voting" as a synonym to stick with a simplest way of understanding their functionality and end purpose.

This is a list of the currently available voting methods, from the simplest to the most sophisticated state-of-the-art algorithms:

Common sophistications such as a quorum requirement (the election is valid only if a large enough percentage of the potential voters actually vote) and a supermajority requirement (the winner option must be vote by a large enough percentage of voters) will be built-in into Decide2Gether.



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