Lazio DNA

High Definition (Full HD) footage of Lazio Region scenery, under a Creative Commons license that allows anyone to freely distribute and re-use the entire shot or only a part of it.
The Lazio DNA (Digital Nature Archive) project is a large set of raw full HD footage of lazio region's natural landscape and cultural heritage, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

Lazio DNA  is aimed to be the first of a "DNA" free-footage collection. In the future we want to see "Sicily DNA", "Veneto DNA", "Lombardia DNA"... and an umbrella "Italy DNA" for exporting the footages and valuing the territory landscape. Companies and Public Administrations can sponsor the project by funding hours of footage.

Imagine a free-to-use professional full HD footage of the Colosseum or Trevi's Fountain available for your new movie, documentary, videoclip, advertisement piece or any other creative remix in your mind.

TFF offers footage, editing and .torrent upload and seeding services for videos in the Lazio DNA project. Contact us for more information or to start now.