Software for consensus-building, debate and preference expression following the Direct Democracy approach and methodologies. Particularly useful for Electoral Lists and/or Political Parties.
Rule2Gether is software developed specifically to allow simple democratic discussions and easy decision-making procedures in any kind of organization.

Decisions are completely determined by the majority of voters registered on Rule2Gether, through web, but also through phone, fax and in-person voting. Registered users have the right to vote, express proposals, comment in favor or against other users' proposals or agenda items and express positive or negative opinions about other users' comments to proposals and agenda items.

Rule2Gether can be used to help Councils, Boards or Committees take democratic decisions valuing the feedback of their members, discuss points for the next Council or Board meeting in advance, or even configure the system to submit the results of key issues to Councilors a few days before the meeting starts.

Rule2Gether is licensed under the Affero GPLv3 license, and you can download the source code running the latest version of the application using the link in the Rule2Gether page footer.