2009-07-26: Stage 1 of native build complete

State 1 of the native building process has now been completed, i.e. the army of now 12 build daemons have made a first pass right through the archive, successfully building about 45% or so of the packages. Unfortunately this does mean that progress may be a little slower than before since all the intricate cyclic dependencies and blocking packages need to be resolved/fixed.

2009-05-10: ABI breakage/Move to

Due to the recent ABI breakage, which caused the need to start from scratch, now seemed like a sensible time to move to So we have!

2009-03-22: The building begins!

After much time with seemingly little activity, things have finally jumped back into life, with a near as dammit fully working glibc 2.5 port! I have also managed to cross build enough of a Debian system to begin the native building! So the archive is, slowly, being built.

2008-11-14: uClibc Cross Build

Finally, I have managed to cross build all required packages (even perl!) and am currently working through the important packages. This mean that you can now cleanly do a foreign bootstrap!

2008-06-29: AVR32 Emulator

Due to the limited success of the cross building methods, (mainly the pain of cross compiling perl), I have decided to write an AVR32 Emulator so that things can be 'natively' compiled. The reason I have gone for an emulator rather than real hardware is due to the fact the the current hardware I have is nowhere near powerful enough to cope with native compilations.

2008-06-11: Work on a cross uClibc based build begins

Work on manually cross building a uClibc based Debian build begins. It is uClibc based since glibc currently doesn't support the AVR32 architecture. Work on porting it will begin in a few weeks, although thread-local storage needs implementing in the toolchain first.

Since this is a cross compiled build don't expect things to work perfectly.

2008-06-10: New Site! Emerges.