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Thanks to the wonder of the modern age, The Discovery channel, we can find out just how Nintendo 64 games ARE made...

In this case there the game they were looking at was Turok 3 from Akklaim.

Here is out host, David Dienstbier.

And here is the game he's going to show us,

Looks like Turok 3 in debug mode.

And yes, Another shot of Turok 3 in debug mode.

BUT - WAIT!!! , what's that? it looks like a Doctor V64....

YES it is...

Shocked employees of Akklaim look on in awe...

An here's David Smith to talk about Turok 3

And here he is testing Turok 3.

And ANOTHER Doctor on which he was testing it.

and now he explains that the game code is made in C.

and here is the proof, C code and Game in harmony.

Behind the code you can see the bug report sheets.

Once they are bored with testing, the game goes to Nintendo.

The entrance of the testing room.

Once at Nintendo their crack team of testers get to work.

Now, here is Michael Kelbaugh to tell us all about it

Michael tells us how they test games, while ordering Pizza's.

Inside Nintendo Top Secret Testing room.

Notice the SNES next to the N64.

Here's what the beta testers at Nintendo use, Flash ram cards.

And then inside the cart we have...

Dextrose gives thanks to Pitou supplying us with these images.