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Brian WilsonGood Vibrations Yesterday 2:03pm
Brian WilsonIn Blue Hawaii Yesterday 2:00pm
Brian WilsonMrs. O'Leary's Cow Yesterday 1:58pm
Brian WilsonWind Chimes Yesterday 1:51pm
Brian WilsonOn a Holiday Yesterday 1:49pm
Brian WilsonVega-Tables Yesterday 1:47pm
Brian WilsonI'm in Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop Yesterday 1:46pm
Brian WilsonSurf's Up Yesterday 1:43pm
Brian WilsonChild Is Father of the Man Yesterday 1:42pm
Brian WilsonSong for Children Yesterday 1:32pm
Brian WilsonWonderful Yesterday 1:30pm
Brian WilsonCabin Essence Yesterday 1:26pm
Brian WilsonOld Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine Yesterday 1:25pm
Brian WilsonBarnyard Yesterday 1:24pm
Brian WilsonRoll Plymouth Rock Yesterday 1:21pm
Brian WilsonHeroes and Villains Yesterday 1:16pm
Brian WilsonOur Prayer/Gee Yesterday 1:14pm
Black Oak ArkansasWhen Electricity Came To Arkansas Yesterday 12:55pm
Black Oak ArkansasLord Have Mercy On My Soul Yesterday 12:49pm
Black Oak ArkansasSinging The Blues Yesterday 12:47pm
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  • hermi0ne

    how are you my friend? late answer, but you are very very welcome:)

    26 Mar 10:33am Reply
  • richardneal

    How was Mick Box & the Impostors? ;)

    23 Mar 3:04pm Reply
  • ekesner

    Hey! Thanks so much.

    19 Mar 5:50pm Reply
  • FridaLouise

    You betcha!

    16 Mar 1:45pm Reply
  • DavidSmith98

    I know, Dennis is amazing! I love In Concert 1972 as well, with Ricky Fataar on the drums!

    15 Mar 4:09am Reply
  • arthurpym


    13 Mar 9:41pm Reply
  • arthurpym

    Did you hear that Ozzy just reunited with Black Sabbath?

    7 Mar 2:47am Reply
  • FridaLouise

    Spring time is the most beautiful, the subtle changes in the nature can evoke the most profound and beautiful emotions in me. The European spring is the my favourite season of all, however I will not be there to experience it this time because I'm in Australia now. Van Dyke Parks is playing here tomorrow and I'm going, which is pretty exciting. Peace out!

    7 Mar 12:12am Reply
  • Du_fromage

    yeah! definitely nice! c:

    5 Mar 11:50am Reply
  • Nakkinak

    sehr gut

    3 Mar 5:30pm Reply
  • meanmrmustard

    Yeah, There's Nothing Wrong with Love is definitely my favorite. I've been trying to listen to their other albums lately but I always come back to There's Nothing Wrong with Love.

    23 Feb 7:04pm Reply
  • hypehat

    Blame Spotify, and the several million cackhanded best ofs they have on there. Dion & The Belmonts FTW

    23 Feb 1:22pm Reply
  • hypehat

    You just made me realise nothing is scrobbling from my itunes! my list should look a lot weirder than that!

    23 Feb 12:55pm Reply
  • mmmmlowell

    that's how i roll!

    23 Feb 2:28am Reply
  • FridaLouise

    I'm making a playlist with BBs songs that I find are overlooked (by me that is, there are so many gems out there and I'm finally discovering them), and with that special warm fuzzy feeling which you can find in Brians production style from around 1967 to 1969. I just realized how much I love "Friends" and I'm really getting into that era now. : ) Oh thanks, and the same to you!

    22 Feb 4:18pm Reply
  • Schlockischlo

    hab jetzt noch mal näher in das neue album reingehört und mags nicht so :( aber live geb ich mir die eels natürlich trotzdem :D du auch?!

    18 Feb 7:12pm Reply
  • FridaLouise

    Yay, Graveyard!

    15 Feb 9:51pm Reply
  • richardneal

    James Ray?! Awesome!

    15 Feb 12:51am Reply
  • arthurpym

    Whose picture is that in the middle up there?

    13 Feb 1:38am Reply
  • chipmunkilla

    I see you are a eels fan. I am going to their concert next week and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. cheers and good taste in music

    8 Feb 3:47pm Reply
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