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Pay for Your Bitcoins in Under an Hour

About BitInstant

BitInstant is a payment processor for various Bitcoin exchanges and other merchants. Customers of these exchanges and other merchants can easily make a payment to them by using BitInstant, that is an agent and payment processor for those exchanges and other merchants. BitInstant receives money for exchanges and other merchants through various payment systems such as [Dwolla, Liberty Reserve, TrustCash, PayPal]. In receiving those funds, BitInstant acts as an agent and payment processor for various exchanges and other merchants, such as [MtGox, ...]. Funds can be available in as little as 15 minutes and are typically available within one hour at the exchange or other merchant selected by the Customer. All payments are processed automatically.

Bitcoin exchanges sell Bitcoin. BitInstant does not sell Bitcion. Instead, BitInstant assists exchanges and other merchants in receiving payment from Customers in the most efficient way known.

All BitInstant transactions are subject to the Customer Terms of Use and Privacy Policy provided on this site
Please contact support for a copy of our AML and KYC manual

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