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About Me

Professional photographer and graphic designer. I'm chilean but now I live in Moscow, Russia.

My first contact with popular music was after my mom bought an ELO CD in a flea market. At the time I used to listen only to classical music so I didn't pay much attention to the record, but it slowly began to grow more and more on me to the point it turned to be my all-time favorite album: the album was Out Of The Blue. Since then I went nuts searching and buying everything ELO related and fell in love with the Idle Race and the Move, meanwhile "discovering" new bands and genres like, America, Metallica or Guns N' Roses (popular at that time).

My musical journey has gone to the path of progressive music, maybe because of my classical "conditioning" in my early years as a kid and, of course, thanks to ELO. My favorite band in the prog world is Camel.

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Last.FM Milestones1st track: (12 Jul 2011)
Gazpacho - The Walk II
500th track: (20 Jul 2011)
T. Rex - Get It On
1000th track: (10 Aug 2011)
Barclay James Harvest - Turn The Key
5000th track: (07 Dec 2011)
Yezda Urfa - Boris and His Three Verses
10000th track: (02 Mar 2012)
Fantasy - Introduction
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