Voting procedure

Voting procedure for the New7Wonders of Nature

The Official New7Wonders of Nature campaign started in 2007, immediately after the successful campaign to elect the man-made Official New 7 Wonders of the World, in which more than 100 million votes were cast and which took democracy to a new global level. From over 440 participants representing over 220 countries – more countries than participate in the Olympic Games – and through a national qualification and race to become one of the Top 77, as well as the Panel of Experts recommendation of the list of 28 Official Finalist Candidates, the Official New7Wonders of Nature have now been announced.

The change from man-made structures to treasures of nature

New7Wonders Founder and President Bernard Weber notes, “We are finding the New7Wonders of Nature campaign to be excitingly different from the first campaign. So many breathtakingly beautiful, natural places are still quite unknown to many. From waterfalls to fjords, rainforests to mountain peaks, freshwater lakes to volcanoes, we are discovering together the incredible beauty and variety of our planet.”

New7Wonders of Nature FAQ

For more information about the New7Wonders of Nature, please visit the N7WN FAQ page