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Armand Navabi (aka MC Plus+, previously Sir Code-A-Lot) is an Iranian-American Nerdcore hip hop rapper, programmer and Phd student at Purdue University in Indiana. He currently works on automatic code parallelization and has contributed to the fields of software watermarking and layout algorithms.

MC Plus+ began his Nerdcore career as Sir Code-A-Lot with a diss song regarding Management Information Systems, while studying computer science at the University of Arizona.[1] After moving to Indiana, he began working in a recording studio and changed his moniker to reflect the professionalism of the new operation.

MC Plus+ is known for a lyrical rivalry with fellow Nerdcore artist Monzy. Both his debut album Algorhythms and his second album Chip Hop are available as a free download in DRM-free format on his website. As MC Plus+ is from Arizona, he "reps" both the East and West coasts.

His moniker is a reference to C++, a popular general purpose computer programming language.


[edit] Freestyle

Starting in the summer of 2007, Armand's Ph.D research took priority over his rapping career. He continues to work on his rhythms with Lord Illingworth. Rumors are that a third album is in the works.[citation needed]

Starting in the fall of 2007 he began freestyling with A-Train and Fat Point Scheme during his spare time. These sessions are being recorded with the possibility of releasing an unofficial mix tape.[citation needed]

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