Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

In these days of renewal, I wish you Peace...

For us, life is the same...
I'm wishing seeing green grass an early arrival, but it is delayed!
Still sooo much snow.  We have had a few days of above freezing temps, the snow is melting, but it always seems soooo sloooow for me!
On my sewing front, I've made 2 sets of binding, I finished the row of apples for Lori's Row A Long
I've finished another block for my Just Takes 2 quilt.
I also started to square up the large, star block, but I guess I warped the star points, my sewing lines to join the quarters of the large block were not straight.  I tried to live with it, but I can't.  I'm going to take it apart again, resize all the blades and then put it back together.  The blades will be smaller , but I can just add to the block size.  I hope I don't have to start over again....

Enjoy your day with your family and friends and share lots of hugs!
Take care, Leslie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BOM Rehab!

Hi There!
Well, we ducked a Big Storm!
We were to get 15-20 cm snow, but will end up with less than 10 cm, or 5 inches by midnight tonight, I think.  Our weather is scheduled to warm up to above 0 celcius or 32 degrees F. 
Yes, Spring is on the Way!  Being a Spring, Summer girl, I can't wait.
So, thanks to the benefits of vacation, I finished all my applique blocks for my Just Takes 2 quilt.
What do you think!

So, just to make the filler blocks and about 5-6 big pieced blocks.  Then, I can put it together!
A few more weeks I think.

I'm linking up with BOM Rehab, see you there!

Take care, Leslie

Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day! Sulky BOM My Sewing Room!

Hi there!
I missed you while we were away on our wonderful vacation!  You have seen lots of pictures of Palm Springs and Palm Desert California, I am sure!
Just think, 2 weeks of turquoise skies, every day, lots of yellow sunshine, lots of green grass, Palm Trees, bushes, flowers ......   ah, bliss ...
We took a quick trip over the mountains to Oceanside California, near San Diego to see wonderful family wintering there and each way.... is Temecula!  I was able to go to the Temecula Quilt store too, and yes, spent some money!

Anyway, I am Celebrating! 
Today is International Quilting Day! 
and it is an official weekend as well. 
Yesterday, I accidently found all the links to My Sewing Room BOM by Sulky!  Michelle at Quilting Tutorials blog had posted the first block!  Then, I realized in the coding for the pdf, there was a number...

Voila!  I changed the number and was able to find each of the blocks as below!
Yes, I am doing this!
my sewing room block 1, cute, cute!
block 2
block 3
block 4
block 5
block 6
block 7
block 8
block 9
borders and quilting

Me, I am working on getting my Ready, Set, Snow Christmas quilt together!
I will be back tomorrow with pictures of my success....
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moments Create A Long!

                     Happy Saturday!
                     Oh, it was cold this morning!
                    -35 Celcius, which is equal to -35 F!
                    Hubby's vehicle didn't want to start.....

Just wanted to share this find with you....
Liz at Moments blog, is coordinating a Create Along to encourage us to create and share what we have done during the year....

Me, my Christmas pinwheel quilt came to a big halt, we showed our house this week, so I had to pack it up!   So other than housecleaning, no progress this week to show ....

Take a moment, and see all the creativity at The Moments blog Link Up!
I'm off to the sewing room!
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 28, 2013

Design Wall Monday!


My FIRST! Design Wall Monday!  or in my case, my Design Bed!

The fabrics are from Ready Set Snow by Sandy Gervais.  These fabrics are soooo cute!
I bought 3 charm packs after Christmas 2011, slowly worked on making half square triangles toward making pinwheels!  The background is a white, with multicoloured polka dots which match the colours in the blocks!  It is a Blank Fabric, I think it is in a line of childrens fabrics.
I would like to at least get all the flimsy done, ie columns together and an outside border of green like in the corner stones, this week, as we will be leaving on vacation next week!  Only 7 more Work Wake-Ups left!
Linking up with Design Wall Monday.  Lots to see over there!
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!
Take care, Leslie

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi!    (pictures updated Jan 27th!)
I signed up for Friday Night Sew In and actually was able to finish 2 things!
I set as my 2013 goals, to start the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along!
I had purchased a layer cake of Flirt by Sandy Gervais on Cyber Monday, it seemed to speak to me, it wanted to be this quilt.

My friend Linda and I went to our local quilt shop, Country Cottage Quilts and she helped me pick my background fabric.  I think it is perfect!
(pic coming soon)
Here are my 1st 2 rows!  As I only have a layer cake, I started with the largest blocks, to keep the rows with the smallest pieces for the ends.
What do you think....
I am sorry I did not take more pictures, but I was outside in a t-shirt and did not realize how cold it was!
the row on the right is the Butterflies (without the top and bottom strips) and the left side is the cups, albiet upside down! 
Unfortunately, the background does not show well, it is a paprika coloured batik with small polka dots.  It made the reds in the print fabrics jump right up and say Yes!  I am here! 
You can see all the snow we have!
Have a great week,
Take care, Leslie

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cathching Up! BOM rehab!

Hi there!
Baby, it is cold outside!
Minus 30 celcius which is comparable to -30 F!
Hubby agreed to drive me into work this morning!  Good for me, cause I get to come home in a nice warm car too!
I am in BOM Rehab today, I have not been there for awhile.  Ì`ve been working on the minimal 12 inch block required to be in the Rehab, but had difficulty finishing the block, take a picture, writing a blog post all in time for the Rehab!  But today, I`m doing good!
This is the latest applique block it is 12 inches finished.  I finished a 15.5 inch Texas (or whatever it`s called!) block, you saw a picture of it in my last posting.
So, what do you think.....
(I guess I could have ironed it!)

For more  beautiful Just Takes 2 quilts, here are MORE Just Takes 2 quilt tops.... Ellie in Australia, at the Village quilters blog, sent me these pics of her top and a coworker!  You may have to scroll down if this links you to a newer blog post.
A bit of a rant....
I feel forced to go to Picasa, it is that or no pictures with my posts, makes for a dull girl....
so, to give in, I tried to download Picasa as a gadget. to make it easier to find my pictures, blogger disabled!  I downloaded the picture to Picasa 3 times.  I couldn`t add it to other pictures to have them all the same date, had to do it`s own.  So, why is it Blogger forced us to Picasa to be able to post our pictures on our blogs and then we can`t use a gadget to make a quick link, to post a picture on our blog.....

For me, time is just plugging along, only 12 more work wake ups and then we go on vacation!
Have a wonderful day!
take care, Leslie