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Important ThinkPiece on Trend of the Moment

It is impossible to wander the internet these days on the type of sites that we read without running into today's trend. It seems as if the interest in this trend has truly captured our interest without the trouble of capturing our imagination. One thing is for sure, people will be talking about this trend, so it is important for us to write about it because I am confident that my readership is the only one that can truly dissect the trend in an authentic way.

As a cultural commentator who sits around on the internet absorbing trends, then writing about them as if my opinion matters, I feel as though I have developed many thoughts on this trend, many of which I am certain are valid because of my upbringing and exposure and interest in pop culture. In a way, this trend reflects 'now' due to societal constructs that it conforms to, but also rebels against, perhaps mirroring an era where the grass may or may not have been greener.

The trend looks very now, and the things that it says and does are calculated. The way that it appeals to a generation is fascinating because of the way it exploits nostalgia and every one thinking that they are special. There is something inherently sharable about this trend that seems to appeal to real working people, lunch pail crews. At the same time, it appeals to the tweens who share things on social media.

Isn't it funny how social media changed us as people?

Generation Y and millenials home ownership rise mortgage lending finance home APR. In a way, maybe we all want the same things, which is why the trend perhaps makes us 'one.'

Many people who are young do not know why they appreciate this trend, and why it is important. As an older person, I say 'Let the kids have fun, enjoy their trends.' I have been young before, and I have enjoyed these trends. I am a product of the 1970s/1980s/1990s.

There are many places on the internet that voiced pieces on this trend, however, this post is the most 'real' and is in it for the right reasons--to connect to you. In a way, we all realize that trends come and go, and we are getting older, so maybe a trend is just a historical marker of the way that things used to be, but at the same time, things are always the same, but in a way, this trend is just different enough to be different enough to be different.

Trends come, trends go. But I have a feeling that this trend truly changed things, but will also be forgotten, but perhaps recycled in one or two decades because of its originality, but also in the way it pays homage to simpler times. Thankfully, it is the internet that connects us to trends, and these trends that make the internet rich with dynamic, everchanging content.

This trend is and was very 'now', meriting many discussion pieces about it, such as this one, but once again, this one was real and I feel as though it truly broke thru the noise of the internet.

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