Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Official Website Gets a Face-Lift

Three websites managed by Jehovah’s Witnesses were consolidated into just one official website, The updated website has concise answers to Bible questions and information about our preaching work, along with facts about our branch offices, Kingdom Halls, and conventions in the section about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Reports on topics and events affecting Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are found in the news section. There are also features for families, teens, and children. Our website will continue to provide audio and digital editions of many of our publications.

Beginning with the January 2013 editions of our magazines selected features that can be presented more effectively on the website will now be published only on These include the following: “For Young People,” “My Bible Lessons,” “For Family Review,” “Young People Ask” and the report on the graduation of the Gilead School.

We hope that all of our readers will find the single website to be a convenient source of factual material and information that is spiritually satisfying.