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Faculty Publications

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Abdelrazek, Hesham, MB, ChB, Clinical Instructor
Achkar, Jacqueline, M.D., Instructor
Adams, Francis, M.D., Clinical Instructor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Addrizzo-Harris, Doreen J, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical
Amdo, Tshering, MBBS Associate Professor (Clinical)
Amoroso, Nancy, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Aston, Christopher W., Ph.D., Instructor
Ayappa, Indu A, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor


Bashar, Mona, M.D., Associate Professor (Research)
Berger, Kenneth Ira, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Berkowitz, Kenneth A., M.D., Associate Professor (Clinical) of Medicine and Physiology and Neuro
Bevelaqua, Frederick, M.D., Associate Professor (Clinical)
Brandli, Otto, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Burschtin, Omar E, MD, Adjunct Professor


Caplan-Shaw, Caralee E., M.D.,Clinical Assistant Professor
Cerasoli, Jr. Franklin, PhD, Instructor
Chan, Thomas K., M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chitkara, Nishay, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Condos, Rany, M.D., Instructor


Dweck, Ezra E, M.D., Associate Professor (Clinical)


Evans, Laura E., M.D., Clinical Instructor


Felner, Kevin J, M.D., Assistant Professsor (Clinical)
Frankenthaler, Michael, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Fridman, David, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Friedenberg Allison, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Friedman-Jimenez, George, M.D., Instructor


Garay, Stuart, M.D., Assistant Professor (Research) of Environmental Medicine and Medicine
Garofano, Suzette A., M.D., Clinical Professor
Ghumman, Muhammad, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Goldenberg, Ronald M, M.D., Instructor
Goldring, Roberta M., M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Green, David, Professor
Greenberg, Alissa K, M.D., Clinical Instructor


Hadjiangelis, Nicos P., M.D., Clinical Instructor
Harkin, Timothy Joseph, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Harris, H. William, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
Harrison, Denise Joy, M.D., Professor
Hay, John Graham, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Medicine and Environmental Medicine
Herscovici, Pablo, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Hwang, Dennis, M.D., Instructor


Kamelhar, David L, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Kanengiser, Lisa, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Kassapidis Sotirios, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Kaufman, Brian S, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Kazeros, Angeliki, M.D.,Associate Professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Neurosurgery
Kim Joon Woo, M.D., Instructor
Kline, Marilyn Y, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Kolodny, Erwin, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor


Leibert, Eric M, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Lowy, Joseph, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor


Marmor, Michael, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine and Medicine
Martiniuk, Frank T., Ph.D., Associate Professor (Research)
Mooney, Anne, M.D., Instructor
Munger, John S., M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology


Naidich, David, MD, Professor of Radiology and Medicine
Nilsen, Diana Marie, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Nolan, Anna, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine and Environmental
Norman, Robert Gary, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Novick, Richard P., M.D., Professor of Microbiology and Medicine


Oppenheimer, Beno W, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Ottavio Peter, DO, Clinical Instructor


Papadopoulos, John, BS, Pharm, PharmD,Clinical Assistant Professor
Parsia, Sam , M.D., Instructor
Pathmanathan, Subakeesan, MBBS, Clinical Instructor
Pavlovich, Ryan, MD, PhD,Clinical Instructor
Plottel, Claudia, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor


Rackow Eric, M.D., Professor of Medicine (Health Care Management)
Rapoport, David M, M.D., Associate Professor
Reibman, Joan, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine
Richman, Susan, M.D., M.Sc., Clinical Instructor
Rogers, Linda, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Rom, William N., M.D., M.P.H., Sol and Judith Bergstein Professor of Medicine and Professor of Environmental Medicine


Salazar-Schicchi John, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Sama Andrew, M.D., Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medicine
Sauthoff, Harald, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Medicine and Environmental Medicine
Schattner, Gail E., M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Schiesel Elaine, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Schwartz, David R, M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Seelall Vijay, M.D., Clinical Instructor
Shapiro, Neil, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Sharkey, Irwin, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical
Shih, Peter H., M.D., Clinical Instructor
Sloane, Mark F, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Smith, Robert L, M.D., Associate Professor (Clinical)
Steiger David, M.B.,ChB, Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Sukumaran, Muthiah, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor


Tang, Moon-Shong, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine, Pathology and Medicine
Tchou-Wong, Kam-Meng, PhD, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine and Medicine (Research)
Teller, Eric, MD, Clinical Instructror


Walsleben, Joyce A, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Research )
Weiden, Michael D, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine


Yadgarov, Dmitriy, M.D., Clinical Instructor


Zolotarevskaya, Irina, M.D., Clinical Instructor