A conversation with Brad Pitt

with Brad Pitt
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on Monday, December 17, 2007 * * * * *

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A conversation with Brad Pitt about his Make It Right project. Make It Right are building 150 houses in the Lower 9th Ward, one of the most devastated areas of New Orleans. MakeItRight.org

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    1. Arturo Shelly  09/18/2008 01:45 AM Report

      Rushed? What do you mean? The interview would have been 6 hours as opposed to 55 minutes?

    2. Lozza  08/17/2008 07:29 AM Report

      The conversation as a whole was interesting but i think that Charlie rushed the interview a little. He rushed Brad a little as he kept talking over Brad, (A little rude!).

      Brad is so cool, he is one of the best actors ever! Along with Matt Damon!

      Keep up the great work Brad!

    3. Enzo  01/12/2008 11:31 PM Report

      I always notice, by the comments here on the site, that the viewers have unreasonable expectations about guests/celebs (or even Charlie), to the point of demanding flawless personalities or perfect interviews (whatever that means). Relax people because if you keep on that road you may pop an artery. Have you stopped to think that maybe Brad is too shy for interviews? I read another poster challenging Brad's intelligence based on a single interview back in 2004, as if anyone could be as intelligent as Einstein or as talented as Monet. Comments like, "I thought that Brad was just another pretty face, but look at him now", makes me think about how absurd are people's expectations. Brad is a person that pursued an acting career and happens to be good looking. He also has as many flaws as anyone. I think that Brad is a great guy for his philanthropic work, a talented actor, and a lucky bastard for having babe Angelina next to him. haha

    4. tish gamez  01/02/2008 03:25 AM Report

      Brad's spirit and intellect is something he has clearly spent time nurturing. He is a light in the world.

    5. MÃ¥ns A.  12/31/2007 05:01 AM Report

      Great show as always. What would we've done without Charlie?

      I felt that Brad was a little nervous or something, I don't really know why. Don't think he's intimidated by Charlie, most plausibly just tired or something. He drank alot of water...

      In any case, this was a Conversation, not an ordinarie interview... so of course Charlie will talk much!

    6. JR  12/30/2007 04:30 AM Report

      Excellent interview for an excellent cause!

      I have to admit, I always thought Brad was just a pretty face Holywood star with no brains. Well, I am so glad I was wrong!

      I really admire what he is doing. It is so obvious he is dedicated and determined to get this project going. I guess this 'power couple' will keep on surprising us with their love of kids and their humanitarian work all around the world!

      Thank you Mr. Rose for this interview.

    7. what's that smell?  12/27/2007 06:35 PM Report

      Bradsgirl - when Brad is done changing nappies he will no doubt read your note. That should be circa 2016 so just keep checking in. :-)

    8. bradsgirl  12/27/2007 05:40 PM Report

      All i would like to say is Brad Pitt what a kindhearted Guy you are. Thank you for caring and taking the time to do something about New Orleans.My heart goes out to the people.

      This is coming form someone who is a Uk citizen.

      Brad & Angie .. I love you both for being yourselfs.I love what you have done for your beautiful adopted children.

      Happy New Year to you both & your family.

    9. scientella  12/24/2007 02:52 AM Report

      I saw Brad first riding on a horse in some movie and thought he was too pretty for words and I assumed vacuous. Now look at him. He is absolutely gorgeous in every way.

      Charlie - you laughed too much at him. Firstly I thought you were verging on rude. But then I realize that you were trying to make it easier for him to be self deprecating, in case he felt embarassed about being so supremely gifted.

      This however was an error on your behalf. You did NOT need to set the tone for Brad. He seemed quite up to it himself. You need to give him a little more space and he could have done it with no discomfort. That is something, I hate to say it because I HATE LARRY KING for his low-rent exploitation, but that is somethign that larry does well. He lets his interviewees talk a little too long. Leaves the sentence dangling a bit too much for comfort. But the result is its more about the interviewee and not about the host driving it the way the host seems fit.

      Anyway Brad came out of this absolutely beautifully. I hope to goodness he doesnt give up acting and that he makes does it until he is as old as Clint Eastwood...who also vastly improved with age. Hope he can afford to keep the 8 kids while he readjusts and then comes back with an absolute vengence.

    10. Araceli  12/22/2007 08:31 PM Report

      Charlie just let the guy talk.

    11. Lee Greenwood  12/21/2007 10:13 AM Report

      Brad you are the man you are doing the right thing it's so easy to help others & when you have the power to get attention as you do everyone jumps to help. I've seen the destruction there in NO & Gulf Port it's a crime the 2 states & the Feds have not fixed it yet. God Bless you & you family as you gather an army to assist these Americans to rebuild their lives.

    12. Nic  12/21/2007 03:52 AM Report

      Love the interview..Brad as always is great and Charlie was fantastic..I did want to hear Brad finish some of his sentences though..Good job Brad..It proves you have a heart of gold..God bless you,Angie and the kids..

    13. HELEN  12/20/2007 04:08 PM Report

      Fantatic. How lovely is Brad pitt! Self-depreciating, charming, witty and obviously has a good heart and determination to make it right. Only thing is that Charlie Rose could do with not talking over his guests, I think Brad could have carried on about his family if Charlie hadn't kept interupting.

    14. LC Fern  12/20/2007 01:37 AM Report

      I didn't appreciate the part when Charlie mentioned their biological child(Brad & Angelina's) was born in "some african country".

      it sounded condesending, maybe it's just me, but some of the interviews carry that tone from Charlie. Brad handled himself very well.

    15. LC Fern  12/20/2007 12:19 AM Report

      I didn't appreciate the part when Charlie mentioned their biological child(Brad & Angelina's) was born in "some african country".

      it sounded condesending, maybe it's just me, but some of the interviews carry that tone from Charlie. Brad handled himself very well.

    16. chines  12/19/2007 11:44 PM Report

      The interview was wonderful -- even though Charlie Rose interrupted frequently before getting the entire answer. The questions were well thought out and probing. It was a relaxed interview. I am a devoted

      BRAD PITT fan. I like him as a person, actor, humanitarian, and activist. This is the most that I've ever seen Brad speak. In his previous relationship (with J.A.) he seemed to be more of a quiet pretty boy & arm candy -- but a good actor. At this point in his life, it seems he's expressing his sense of purpose. I admire him and wish the best for him and his family. I will support his project and encourage others to do the same. Warm affection for Hollywood's Royal Family!

    17. Lucy  12/19/2007 03:35 PM Report

      I missed the interview. When will they show this again?

    18. Joanne Morrison  12/19/2007 01:58 PM Report

      My husband and I looked forward to the Charlie Rose interview with Brad Pitt, mostly to find out more about Pitt's work in New Orleans. I believe Brad Pitt likes to carefully think about his answer to a question before commenting, or maybe Brad is just uncomfortable doing interviews. We were disappointed in Charlie as he did not allow Brad a silent moment of thought. I have seen Charlie do this before, but this time seemed more frequent. Charlie's voice kept overriding Brad's as Brad started to speak, and it happened so often that the interview became distressing for us to watch. Perhaps, my husband and I were the only ones unsettled by this, as no one else has commented on two voices speaking at the same time during the interview. Maybe Charlie was just trying to help Brad, but it was an awkward interview for both of us to watch. We did go to makeitrightnola.org and make a donation and we hope many others did the same.

    19. Gina  12/19/2007 09:09 AM Report

      Wow! What a guy! Absolutely love this guy. I think he's beautiful, charming, intelligent, smart and my favorite thing about him is that he is one of the world's great humanitarians. He doesn't let the world influence him as to what is right, the right thing to do. That is what I find most appealing about Brad Pitt. And Angelina Jolie, has long been one of my favorite people and actresses. I love her, I love her style, I love her heart. Brad and Angelina are the perfect couple. They are beautiful together. Two of my favorite people! Carry on you two, together you take part in making the world better. Better happy!

    20. Evelyne  12/19/2007 03:32 AM Report

      This was a very insightful interview and I truly enjoyed it. Brad Pitt clearly knows what he's talking about and has put his heart and effort into it. I hope corporations step forward to help out in New Orleans and the government should not stay behind. I hope we get to see more of Brad Pitt on Charlie Rose because they seem to get along well. Charlie asks good questions as opposed to many other interviewers. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    21. Sherry  12/19/2007 02:18 AM Report

      Thank you Brad Pitt for caring. I was horrifed by what I saw in New Orlean's. This was NOT a natural disaster but a man made disaster. Some could call it criminal. People who haven't visited New Orleans knows; it's like no other place in the US. I've visited lften & my father chose to live and die there. How sad more companies haven't signed up. I'll be watching the ones that do and trade with them. Our govenment proves we only can count on ourselves.

    22. lac  12/19/2007 01:58 AM Report

      I enjoyed the interview. One of Brad's best interviews. I hope it does not take almost 4 more years before you interview Brad again. Thank you Mr Rose.

    23. Charlie  12/19/2007 01:44 AM Report

      I loved the interview. I hope many corporations come forward and Make it Right. Thanks much. Brad's much different than what I envisioned. I'll have to give Brad Pitt more credit. Good interview.

    24. Teresa  12/18/2007 11:08 PM Report

      I enjoyed every second of the interview with Brad Pitt. His articulate delivery of the mindset behind starting and propelling MIR was inspiring. I've checked out the website makeitrightnola.org and I want to help.

      But, please, Charlie stop interrupting! Your job is to ask the right questions and then let the interviewee answer them. A few pauses could've allowed for some interesting sparks in the conversation.

    25. drew sarat  12/18/2007 10:24 PM Report

      I enjoy the show a great deal but sometimes Mr. Rose just talks too much, much too much. I know it is his show but we are tuned in to hear the guests. Last night he was stepping all over Brad Pitt's responses to his questions. And he was laughing (nervously ?) way too much, at not funny statements. After all this time, you would think he could relax when he has a significant celebriy guest.

    26. Kimberley  12/18/2007 09:00 PM Report

      I Love Brad Pitt and wish him a Happy Birthday.I was so mad that I missed the first 40 minutes of the interview on PBS, so I am very glad I can catch up with the rest of it online. I will say that though I love when Charlie Rose interviews him, It was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to hear him continually talk over Brad and interrupt him while he was trying to answer his questions. I think we missed out a the ending of some pretty interesting and insightful answers because of this very annoying habit of Charlie Rose. I may try to call up the station to complain about this as well, because it was almost a crime that we were cheated out of hearing more well-rounded answers due to Charlie's INTERRUPTIONS. I've seen him do this in other interviews...and SOMETHING has to be done!

    27. Pam  12/18/2007 08:49 PM Report

      Great interview! Much thanks to Brad for the work he is doing with Make It Right organization for a native New Orleanian who has parents in the upper 9th ward. His project will enable a community of people to return to their beloved homes.

    28. Brian Kinder  12/18/2007 08:24 PM Report

      Charlie is a little impatient with guests.I observed his interruptive behavior with bill clinton as well.

    29. Marcia  12/18/2007 08:18 PM Report

      I so enjoy Charlie Rose's interviews. He seems to have great respect, and genuinely likes the people he interviews. He asks wonderful questions and is a good listener, something alot of interviewers are not good at. He is NOT a tabloid journalist, which is a good thing. As for Brad Pitt, I have always respected his honesty. He seems to have his heart in the right place, same as Angelina. I think they make a good team, and sense that they do movies so that they can support what they really care about. I wish more people were like both of them!!

    30. Brian Kinder  12/18/2007 07:26 PM Report

      Charlie is a little impatient with guests.I observed his interruptive behavior with bill clinton as well.

    31. tsk tsk  12/18/2007 06:42 PM Report

      First off, I enjoyed the conversation as did the two men involved so I think the harsh comments were unfair on the "interruption" score. It was a good chance to highlight the wonderful things he is doing for New Orleans and I was impressed that he is living there. That is really nice. However, I need to make a further comment - Jesse James was a psychotic murderer. The stories of the brutal, vicious massacres of unarmed union soldiers during the civil war are horrible as are the ones were he shot disarmed bank guards simply for being on the scene of his crime. The perpetuation of the "robin hood" fantasy is really disappointing. If the movie reflected this perspective I am glad it didnt find an audience. Of course I do not know that so since I generally like his work I wil check out the dvd.

    32. Dwight Johnson  12/18/2007 05:29 PM Report


      I saw most of the interview with Brad Pitt. I think it's great that he is taking this initiative. But, I think, rebuilding any home that is below sea level UNLESS IT FLOATS, is folly. Why don't you, Brad and architects and donors, let the lower 9th Ward serve as a wetland, perhaps as it should be now, and make sure ALL the houses float, when necessary? No more manicured lawns, garages, even streets etc. Add to these homes a boat dock and let people live on the water if that's what they want. But don't screw them down to the low ground with conventional homes. Wouldn't a wetland there serve a dual purpose, and prevent losses from the inevitable next flood?


    33. Anna  12/18/2007 04:35 PM Report

      I got so frustrated listening to Charlie Rose purposely talking over Pitt while he was trying to answer Charlie's question. I never watch Rose anymore because of this habit he has. He does it to everyone. I don't know why. I got tired of missing answers from his very interesting guests. I wish his producers would clue him in. He just kept talking over Brad. Not just interrupting. Why doesn't he just sit there and talk if he is more interested in saying his piece. Brad was fabulous. I wanted to hear him. He has his heart in the right place and is clear about the government's refusal to help NO and its people. He was very forgiving of being drowned out. You could tell he finally just gave into it.

    34. Sharon K. Campbell  12/18/2007 04:01 PM Report

      Hello, I watched the Brad Pitt interview last night and it spurred me to reach out and start talking about this issue in New Orleans. I will continue to tell people about this project and send links to the website to my friends, family and associates. We so often get caught up in our own little World and don't see how we can help the BIG World in even little ways. I see this project reaching farther than just New Orleans. It is bringing an awareness to the public about the need for sustainable, affordable,and safe housing World Wide. Bravo. And good Job Charlie, you are great!

    35. John Eastman  12/18/2007 01:38 PM Report

      Great and interesting conversation. Brad Pitt is a man who is using his fame, good heart, and concern about people to get things done. He obviously gets the big picture and his insight into how this country responds, or not, to the crisis of the poor or less affluent is important. Hopefully, he will inspire more to help and raise the bar as to how this country needs to change its direction at home and abroad.

      Charlie's excitement was quite apparent, even talking over him at times. But then again, Pitt is a likable guy, living a good life, doing great things, and people should be excited and interested in it.

      John Eastman

    36. Mark  12/18/2007 12:07 PM Report

      My only complaint about this interview is that there seemed to be so much to talk about that Mr. Rose could have done two hours instead of one. It's always interesting to watch Mr. Rose with guests that you can tell he really enjoys and is anxious to talk to. He did fall into the habit of talking over Mr. Pitt on occasion, it felt like. But again, I think that had more to do with trying to fit so much into the hour more than anything else.

    37. Me Again!  12/18/2007 11:06 AM Report

      This was a wonderful interview!

      Brad answered questions that I've always wondered.

      * Why he and Angelina adopt from third world countries vs. USA?

      * The entire adoption process.

      * What actually happened with SOP and him not taking the role?

      * How did he get involved with MIR Project - what were the reasons behind starting the foundation?

      * His love of the craft and how he drew the most talented to work on the project?

      * How he views the effects of Katrina and how that one event touches all the points each presidential candidate should be focusing: poverty, health care, education, housing, crime, etc. If the politicians don't focus on Katrina/New Orleans, then they ARE just skirting around the issues that are number one in New Orleans and AMERICA!

      Great interview...even though Mr. Rose did speak over Brad in some instances...but I enjoyed it none the less!!!

      Good Job Mr. Charlie Rose!!!!!

    38. New Orleanian  12/18/2007 10:23 AM Report

      Great interview! Brad Pitt "gets it" -- that New Orleans is America's most unique city, that it has been ignored, but that it's important for the nation to pay attention, because what's happening in New Orleans today is a predictor of the social and environmental crises which the rest of the nation may experience in the future. Charlie did an exceptionally fine job of interviewing him, with probing questions, but patience in letting him respond from the heart.

    39. Berik Kulmamirov  12/18/2007 01:17 AM Report

      A conversation with Brad Pitt was incredible interesting.

      Berik Kulmamirov, architect


    40. angel  12/17/2007 02:43 PM Report

      brad is my hero,keep doing the good work,happy birthday to him