We have a good deal of high quality accommodation right here on site at Homerton.

Most of it, for undergraduates, is in two well designed halls of residence, West House and South Court, and is made up of individual study bedrooms, each with its own toilet and shower and with access to a shared small kitchen for snacks.

All incoming students are guaranteed a room in West House and we then manage to house on site, in these areas and in the older parts of the college, all students who want this for three years. Those living in Cambridge for 4-year courses (some science courses or engineering, or management studies - not those courses that require a year out in another country) will have to take one of those years out of college.

Rooms are designed to work in as well as sleep so there is a desk, space for books and, of course, everything you need to get online. They are safe places, with their own room keys and a card key system for getting into your hall (so strangers can’t!).

The Porter’s Lodge is open 24hours a day and 7 days a week so there is always someone close to contact in case of worry. Our Porters are willing and able to help in any way they can and regularly come top of all college staff in student popularity.

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